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Welcome to Jamroom!
• Jamroom Overview
• The Jamroom License
• Jamroom System Requirements
• Detailed Jamroom Feature List
• The Jamroom Support Center
Jamroom Add-Ons
• Jamroom Modules by Package
• The Jamroom 4 Bonus Pack
• The Jamroom 4 Power Pack
• The Jamroom 4 Payment Pack
• The Jamroom 4 Skin Pack
• The Jamroom 4 Jukebox
• The Jamroom 4 Cluster and Conversion Server
Installing and Upgrading Jamroom
• The Jamroom install service
• Downloading the Latest Version of Jamroom
How to "Unlock" your Jamroom Downloads
• Installing the Jamroom Core
• Installing the Jamroom Bonus Pack
Installing the Jamroom LOFI Creator
• Installing the Jamroom Power Pack
• Installing the Jamroom Payment Pack
Configuring the Jamroom Vault
• Installing the Jamroom Skin Pack
• Installing the Jamroom Cluster Server
• Installing the Jamroom Jukebox
• Installing a Jamroom Module
• Upgrading to the latest version of Jamroom
Jamroom Overview
• Jamroom - Introduction and First Steps
• Understanding Account Types in Jamroom
• The Jamroom Quota System
• Jamroom Skins and Profile Themes
• Jamroom Directory Structure
Jamroom Configuration
• The Jamroom System Config
• Jamroom Advanced Config Keys
• Changing the MySQL or Master Admin Password
• Modifying the Profile location list
• Installing the getid3 option in Jamroom
• Allowing Media importing via FTP
Jamroom Guides
• Translating Jamroom into a different Language
• Creating and Selling Event Tickets using the Jamroom Vault
• Configuring and Using User Credit Options
• Using the Jamroom Ad Manager
• Adding "Stock" Gallery Images for use by your Artists and Members
• Creating Custom Control Panel Buttons and Menus
• Creating Custom Form Fields
• Creating Custom Login Notes
• Creating Custom RSS Feeds for almost anything in your Jamroom
• Creating Dynamic Playlists using the Jamroom Ranking System
• Creating a YouTube clone using Jamroom
Jamroom Customization Reference
• Jamroom Event Calendar
• Jamroom Play Script
• Jamroom Image Script
• Jamroom Ranking System
Common Template Variables
Common Profile Variables
Common Quota Variables
Action Mode
Artist Mode
Blog Mode
Channel Mode
Comment Mode
Content Mode
Event Mode
Fan Mode
Favorite Mode
Member Mode
Page Mode
Photo Mode
Quota Mode
Radio Mode
Song Mode
Spotlight Mode
Store Mode
User Mode
Vault Mode
Video Mode
Video Spotlight Mode
• Jamroom Advanced Charts
Common Template Variables
Common Profile Variables
Audio Chart Variables
Video Chart Variables
• Jamroom Media File Slurper
• Jamroom Application Bridges
• Jamroom Artist EPK (Electronic Press Kit)
• Working with Jamroom Templates
Adding Pages and Creating New Templates in your Jamroom
Embedding External templates and files in Jamroom Templates
Integrating the Jamroom Flash Player
Adding Page Titles to your Jamroom Pages
Creating Custom Signup Templates
Template Variable Modifiers for use in Jamroom Templates
Template Functions for use in Jamroom Templates:
Jamroom Profile Themes
• Installing and using Profile Themes
• Jamroom 4 Profile Theme Designer Guide
Profile Variables - Artist Templates
Profile Variables - Blog Templates
Profile Variables - Calendar Templates
Profile Variables - Photo Templates
Profile Variables - Radio Templates
Profile Variables - Song Templates
Profile Variables - Store Templates
Profile Variables - Video Templates
Profile Variables - Miscellaneous
• Template Functions for use in Profile Theme templates:
• Adding support for the Custom Profile Editor
• Changing the index.php page for Profile Themes
• Changing the Nova Profile Theme Flash Player
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