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What is the Jamroom Support Center?

If you are a Jamroom Enterprise or Professional license holder (or have purchased the stand alone Support Center access), then your license gains you access to the Jamroom Support Center for a configured length of time.  The Support Center allows you to open support tickets on a priority (and confidential) basis, and all support tickets are handled directly by the Jamroom support team.  This is perfect for those license holders that want personalized support outside of the Support Forum, or do not want their site or URL to be publicly known before launching.

How do I access the Jamroom.net Support Center?

If you have purchased a Jamroom Enterprise or Pro license, your Support Center access will be automatically enabled when you "unlock" your Jamroom License codes (which will happen AFTER Jamroom has been installed for you by the Jamroom support team).

Please see the "How to Unlock your Jamroom Downloads" guide for step by step instructions on unlocking your Jamroom downloads (and automatically enabling your Jamroom Support Center access).

Once your Jamroom Support Center access has been enabled, you will see a new option in the Jamroom.net "Support" drop down menu:



Clicking on the "Your Support Center" option will bring you to the main Support Center menu, where you can:

  • Open a NEW Support Center Ticket.
  • Browse previously opened Support Center Tickets.
  • See how long your Support Center access is active for.
Please make sure and open a NEW support center ticket for each issue you want assistance with - do not add your new issue to an existing ticket for an unrelated question or problem.


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