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What is a Musician Website Manager?


A Musician Website Manager is a software solution that provides social networking services to your users such as audio, video and photo sharing - if you are familiar with sites like MySpace or Facebook, then you have seen a musician website manager in action.

Jamroom was built from the ground up to help you build sites like these, and since 2003 thousands of sites worldwide have relied on Jamroom to power their platform.

Jamroom Features:

  • Jamroom can grow with you as your site grows - with the Jamroom Cluster and Conversion server addon, your Jamroom can span up to 100 servers!

  • Jamroom is a powerful set of programs that run on your web server, enabling you to provide social media features to your users and visitors such as video sharing, audio sharing, blogs, photos, reviews, ratings, and more.

  • Jamroom can handle uploaded media in many different formats, and can even convert uploaded audio and video "on the fly" to the standard MP3 format (for audio) and FLV format (for video) - this ensures the media always plays in the custom Jamroom Flash Players.

  • Jamroom is easy to install, and has minimal System Requirements for a script of its size - compare that to most other scripts where they have a long list of special modules and requirements in order to run their software.

  • Jamroom has been designed from the ground up to be as powerful as possible running on low end hosting accounts - we know that the monthly cost for hosting can get expensive.

  • Jamroom is cohesive - Jamroom integrates well with other applications, is very configurable and requires minimal additional requirements above and beyond what is available from most hosting providers.

  • Jamroom provides dozens of different features and addons for your site, as well as hundreds of configuration options - if you need a highly configurable solution, Jamroom is what you are looking for.

  • Jamroom is what is called a "white label" solution for Social Networking - it is your branding that your users will see, not Jamroom.

Jamroom is the perfect musician website manager to build your community!

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