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Jamroom 4 Minimum Server requirements

Before installing Jamroom on your server, please check your server to see if it meets the Jamroom minimum requirements:

PHP version 4.3.5 or newer (PHP 5.2.x or newer is recommended)

Jamroom requires PHP 4.3.5 or newer to function properly, as it takes advantage of functions only found in PHP from version 4.3.5 and on.  Jamroom is developed and tested on PHP 5 however, and running Jamroom on the latest version of PHP 5.2.x is recommended.

Jamroom also requires the following additional PHP modules be installed:

Most Hosting providers meet these requirements.


  • Jamroom will NOT work on a PHP server that is running in "Safe Mode".  If your PHP is running in Safe Mode, Jamroom will report an error during the installation process alerting you to the problem.
  • Jamroom SEF URLs may not function properly on a server that is running PHP as a "Fast CGI" (i.e. cgi/fcgi PHP server type in phpinfo() output).


MySQL Database Server version 4.1 and newer

Jamroom requires MySQL version 4.1 and newer to function properly.  Jamroom works well and is developed on MySQL 5.

Web Server with PHP installed and working, and mod_rewrite support

Jamroom is developed and tested on the Apache Web Server, so Apache is the recommended Web Server to run Jamroom on.  Jamroom should work on any web server that is fully capable of supporting PHP (as a module or FastCGI binary) and mod_rewrite.

Jamroom works on almost every major Unix like Operating System that can support a web server - this includes Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, OpenBSD, Solaris, etc.

The Jamroom Conversion Server - special requirements

  • Linux Operating System with kernel version 2.4.27 or newer
  • web server must allow the web user to run the system() and passthru() PHP functions
  • Web User must be able to run binaries under the web server.

If you are unsure if your hosting account meets these requirements, contact your hosting provider.

As of Jamroom 4, Jamroom is no longer supported on Windows!

Jamroom 3 (and older) will run on a Windows Server, but due to the way Windows works, there are some Jamroom features that may not work on a Windows Server:

  • Jamroom Friendly URLs - the Jamroom Friendly URL option will only work on Windows if using the Apache Web Server.
  • Jamroom LOFI Creator - the Jamroom LOFI Creator does not work on Windows Servers
  • Jamroom Upload Progress Meter - the Jamroom Upload Progress Meter does not work on Windows Servers.
  • The "Conversion Server" portion of the Jamroom Cluster and Conversion Server will not work on a Windows Server.

If you have any questions or concerns on whether or not Jamroom is supported on your server, please contact us at support@jamroom.net. 


Note: Jamroom does not work on Yahoo! Hosting - their servers do not allow the creation of "hidden" files (i.e. .htaccess / .htpasswd) which Jamroom uses.  For a list of Hosting Providers that the Jamroom Community recommends "avoiding", please see this list in the Jamroom User Support forum.

Note: Jamroom does not function properly on BLUEHOST - Bluehost uses a unique PHP setup that breaks user defined PHP sessions (like Jamroom uses).


If you are looking for high quality web hosting, that is guaranteed to support ALL of Jamroom's features, look no further than Jamroom Hosting Providers!

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