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The Jamroom 4 License

Jamroom is distributed under dual licenses - a "Free" license and a "Commercial" license:

Free License

The "Free License" of Jamroom is the free version of the Jamroom Core that can be downloaded from the Jamroom Core Downloads section.  The Free version of Jamroom can be used for free, in a non-commercial* nature, for as long as you would like.  You are encouraged to "share" Jamroom with your friends so they too can see how easy Jamroom makes running a community site.

  • The Free License is limited to creating 5 Artist Profiles.
  • The Free License does not include access to the community oriented Jamroom Bonus Pack, nor any of the other Jamroom Add-ons.
  • The Free Licensed version cannot run Jamroom Modules
  • The Source code for Jamroom cannot be modified.
  • Jamroom branding (images and links) cannot be removed.
  • Jamroom cannot be used in a commercial context. *

Commercial License

If you purchase a Jamroom Enterprise, Professional, or Jamroom Core license, then this is called a "Commercial" license.  A Jamroom Commercial License allows for:

  • The support of more Artist Profiles (25, 100 or Unlimited, depending on the license purchased).
  • Access to the Jamroom Bonus Pack to add community related features to your Jamroom.
  • The Commercial license allows Jamroom to be used on a single Internet domain name, including sub domains.
  • The Commercial License grants you the right to modify the Jamroom source code to suit your needs for your site. Changes to the Jamroom Code are not redistributable.  Jamroom cannot be resold as a service.
  • The Jamroom branding can be removed from output files (i.e. templates, images, etc.).
  • Free Upgrades to all Jamroom 4.x versions

If you are ready to step up to a Jamroom Commercial License and unlock the power of Jamroom, make sure and visit the Jamroom Store.

* "non-commercial" means you do not charge for access to your Jamroom Site, and you are an "individual" user or Artist.  Companies and individuals interested in using Jamroom as part of a commercial venture must purchase a Commercial License.


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