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Talldude Networks, LLC.

Talldude Networks, LLC. is a small, privately held company based in Washington State (USA).  We have been developing, expanding and supporting Jamroom for over 7 years - Jamroom provides the services and software that powers many thousands of sites world wide.

With Jamroom, our goal is to provide the most flexible, powerful and configurable Social Media Platform available, so that site owners can design and create a site that is specifically suited to their needs.  This design philosophy drives all Jamroom development - when possible we always code for power and flexibility first.  This allows the Jamroom Platform to be customized, designed and scaled in many custom ways that competing platforms simply cannot match.

Team Members

Brian Johnson - Founder, Developer and Customer Support

Brian began developing Jamroom in the winter of 2002 due to dissatisfaction with MP3.com, and their laborious approval process.  Talldude Networks was formed in 2005 as Jamroom quickly grew in size, and many sites were beginning to look for a media platform that could handle both audio and video.


Kyle Smith - Developer and Customer Support

Kyle has always had a passion for music and technology, so after having stumbled upon Jamroom while looking for a CMS to start a music community, it seemed like an obvious fit.  Kyle graduated from Cal State University Fullerton in 2008 and recently received his Teaching Credential for Music.  He is a die-hard lacrosse fan, and played for three years for the CSUF Titans.  When he is not working on Jamroom or playing/watching lacrosse, he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend.


Douglas Hackney - Design and Customer Support

Douglas was looking for a script that would handle artist profile pages along with audio and video streaming and came across Jamroom around version 2.0 and has been using it ever since.  Douglas has been actively involved in Jamroom Support and Design for over 5 years, and has designed dozens of sites for Jamroom customers, as well as helped launch many more.


Greg Yancy - Flash Player Development and Customer Support

Greg is a self taught Computer and Internet junkie who fell in love with technology at the age of 13 when he took apart his first electric guitar to see how it worked. Since then he has learned Computers and Website Development from the ground up and started building Internet Websites as a hobby. He ran across Jamroom back in 2005 when he was building a website for his Son (an aspiring rapper like all teenage boys). Greg continued his involvement with Jamroom and with his knowledge of flash created most of the Jamroom Flash Players.  Greg still assists with player development and member support today.

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