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Changing the MySQL or Master Admin Password

If the MySQL Username, password or connectivity information has changed on your server, or you can no longer log in to your Jamroom due to forgetting your Jamroom Master Admin password, the following steps can be used to change or reset your passwords:

  • Inside of your Jamroom directory you will find a file called "settings.zip".  Download this file via FTP to your local computer.
  • Unzip this file into a temporary directory - it contains 2 files - a “readme” file and a “settings.php” file.
  • Upload the settings.php file to your web server using your FTP client, and place it in your Jamroom directory.
  • Start your web browser, and load the settings.php file you just uploaded - i.e:
  • Enter the new MySQL database information and/or Master Admin information in to the form, and save it.  That's it!


IMPORTANT! MAKE SURE YOU DELETE the settings.php file after you have finished making your changes, since it is a security vulnerability leaving it in place!


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