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What Additional Features are in the Jamroom Jukebox?

The Jamroom Jukebox is a FREE Add-on for Jamroom Enterprise, Jamroom Professional and Jamroom Unlimited License holders!  Download it today!

The Jamroom Jukebox was developed as a way to make the "importing" of MP3 and WMA Audio files easier, so those looking to setup a pay-per-download or subscription based music site would have an easier time managing their audio data.  If your Jamroom site is a multi-user community based site, most likely your users are managing their own data in your Jamroom.  Conversely, if you are building a subscription or pay-per-download site, and are going to be doing the bulk of data management on your own, the Jamroom Jukebox can save you a lot of time.

  • Jamroom Jukebox Control Panel - the Jamroom Jukebox Control Panel gives you the ability to "import" and re-scan audio files, and enter them into your Jamroom in 1 shot.  The Jukebox script will scan a directory on your server that contains the MP3 and/or WMA files, and "import" these audio files in to your Jamroom.  The Jukebox script will read the embedded ID3 tags on the audio files, and create the necessary Artist Profiles as needed.  The Jukebox script can also download the lyrics for thousands of songs from the internet, as well as grab images for songs and artists from Amazon.com.
  • Jamroom Jukebox Custom Skin - a brand new Jamroom Skin has been custom developed for the Jamroom Jukebox.  It is a "streamlined" skin that presents the audio files in an easy to browse format, and maximizes the screen real estate to display the data.
  • Jamroom Jukebox Profile Theme - a brand new Jamroom Profile Theme has also been developed that fits the main Jamroom Skin perfectly.  It provides detailed audio data on each song in your Jamroom, as well as provides a pop-up Flash player for playing Audio from the artist profiles.
  • Jamroom Jukebox Control Panel Style - there is also a new Jukebox Control Panel style that has been created exclusively to compliment the Jukebox Skin and Profile themes.

Jamroom Jukebox Custom Skin

The Jamroom Jukebox Add-on features a special Jamroom Skin that is 100% audio based.  The Skin provides a solid foundation to build a subscription or pay-per-download Music site, as well as allows for any customizations needed.

Jamroom Jukebox Profile Theme

The Jamroom Jukebox provides a special Profile Theme that us "album" oriented, with an additional screen for more song details.  It also supports ratings and comments so you can solicit your visitors feedback.

Jamroom Jukebox Control Panel Skin

The Jamroom Jukebox Skin also includes a custom Control Panel skin, which is the perfect "backend" for your Jukebox site.

Jamroom Jukebox Importer

The Jamroom Jukebox Importer tool (after installation it will be available to you in the Jamroom Tools menu) is the "heart" of the Jamroom Jukebox, and makes it easy to import MP3 and WMA audio files from a directory on your server.  If the Jamroom LOFI creator is installed, it can also automatically convert uploaded MP3 files to a LOFI equivalent, as well as create the MP3 files as "Vault" files, for selling as digital downloads.

If you are a Jamroom Professional, or Jamroom Unlimited License holder, you can download the Jamroom Jukebox for FREE!

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