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The Jamroom 4 Cluster and Conversion Server

The Jamroom Cluster Server is an advanced Add-on for Jamroom that allows you to "grow" your Jamroom outwards beyond a single physical server.  For Jamroom sites that are rapidly growing, and want to ensure their visitors experience to their site does not slow down, the Jamroom Cluster Server allows a seamless expansion of your Jamroom to up to 99 physical servers.  The Jamroom Cluster server can place your member profiles on any of the external Cluster Servers, allowing all of the media files (images and audio and video files) to be "streamed" from the Cluster Server, thereby reducing the processes and bandwidth being used on your Jamroom "Master" Server.  If you are experiencing high volumes of traffic to your site, the Jamroom Cluster Server allows you to take advantage of the "cheap" bandwidth that comes bundled with the typical dedicated server from a Hosting provider.

The Jamroom Cluster Server also supports the Jamroom Conversion Server.  The Jamroom Conversion Server is used for automatically converting uploaded media files to either MP3 (for audio), or FLV (for video).  This is advantageous since it allows you to "standardize" on the MP3 and FLV format, which play within Jamroom's embedded Flash Players and do not require a configured audio player (such as iTunes or Winamp) on the part of the user.

If you are a large Jamroom site looking to expand, feel free to contact us and discuss your growth options.


Note: While it is recommended that you run the Jamroom Cluster and Conversion Server on a physically separate web server, this is not a requirement - the Jamroom Cluster and Conversion Server can be run on the same server that your Jamroom Master install is located on.


Jamroom Cluster Server Control Panel

Jamroom makes it easy to create and configure new Jamroom Cluster Servers.  Even if you are already running a large and active Jamroom site, there is no interruption in your service to add in a new Jamroom Cluster Server.  Simply fill in the required information for your new Jamroom Cluster Server and you are set.  Jamroom allows you to designate a specific Jamroom Cluster Server as the "default" server (new profiles will be created on the server) as well as a dedicated Conversion Server if your media conversion needs are high.

Jamroom Cluster Server Check

At any time you can come into the Jamroom Cluster Server Control Panel and check on the Integrity of your Jamroom Cluster Servers.  Jamroom will run a set of tests on your Cluster Server and report any issues it may find.  Note too that the Jamroom Dashboard will also show you the current Server Load, Memory Usage and Disk Space details for each of your Jamroom Cluster Servers.

Jamroom Cluster Server - Move Profiles

The Jamroom Cluster Server makes it easy to move your Artist and Member profiles between servers, allowing you to "balance" your Jamroom Site as it grows.  The Jamroom Cluster Server shows you the statistics of the Artist and Member accounts so you can take it into account in deciding which profiles to move.  You can also move by Jamroom Quota or by entire server, so the flexibility is there for your needs.

Jamroom Conversion Server

The Jamroom Conversion Server is built in to the Jamroom Cluster Server and allows you to automatically convert uploaded audio and video files from any of the Jamroom supported audio formats (mp3, wma, ogg, flac, wav) and video files (flv, wmv, mov, mpg) to either MP3 or FLV.  This allows you to "standardize" on the MP3 and FLV file types and offer the audio and video streams in your Jamroom via the embedded Jamroom Flash Players.

Copyrighted Audio File Detection

The Jamroom Conversion Server also features MusicDNS integration to automatically detect copyrighted audio works as they are uploaded to your Jamroom.  If an audio file is detected as being a copyrighted work, it is automatically set to require admin approval before being shown on an artist's profile.

The Jamroom Cluster Server is the key to growing your Jamroom larger and larger while still offering a seamless experience for your artists, members and visitors.

If you are a Jamroom Professional License holder (or have the equivalent Jamroom Licenses) the Jamroom Cluster Server can be purchased from the Jamroom Purchase page, and includes professional installation.

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