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The Jamroom 4 Guaranteed Install Service

The Jamroom Guaranteed Install service is the way to go if you are not familiar with installing PHP Scripts on your server, or you just want to be sure that Jamroom has been installed and configured properly for your PHP environment.  The Jamroom Enterprise Package, Jamroom Professional Package and Jamroom Webmaster Package all include Jamroom Guaranteed installation.

The Jamroom Guaranteed Install includes the following:

  • Installation of the Jamroom Core, all licensed Add-Ons, as well as Jamroom modules.  When we do the install for you, we will install the Jamroom Core, all licensed add-ons as well as any extra Jamroom Modules that you may want to be installed.
  • Installation of the Conversion Server - (Enterprise package) If you have purchased the Jamroom Enterpise Package, then we will also install and setup the Jamroom Conversion Server for automated conversion of uploaded media files (both audio and video).
  • Installation of the Jamroom LOFI Creator - (Professional and Webmaster packages) If you are running Jamroom on a Linux based server, we will install the Jamroom LOFI Creator which is used for "automatic" conversions of any uploaded HIFI MP3 file to a LOFI equivalent
  • Activation of Jamroom SEF URLs - This option relies on the "mod_rewrite" ability of the Apache web server.  If you are not using Apache, or mod_rewrite is not allowed in your hosting account, this option may not work, and you will have to work with your hosting provider to enable mod_rewrite on your hosting account.
  • Installation of the Upload Progress Meter - If you have purchase a Jamroom Power Pack License we will install the Jamroom Progress Meter.
  • Installation of the Jamroom Jukebox - if you have purchased a Jamroom Core Unlimited License, or Enterprise/Professional/Webmaster package, we will also install the Jamroom Jukebox.
  • Your Jamroom Licenses are created and sent to you - After we have confirmed that Jamroom runs on your server, we will generate your Jamroom License(s), register your copy from the Jamroom Admin Menu, and send you a copy of your licenses for archiving.  You can use your Jamroom Licenses to "unlock" the Jamroom Downloads and download your own copy of of the Jamroom Core and add-ons.

The Jamroom Guaranteed install does NOT include the following

  • Installation, Configuration or Troubleshooting of your Server, Web Server or PHP Install.  You will need to make sure your server meets Jamroom's Minimum Requirements.
  • Installation or Configuration of any additional scripts or programs on your server - we will install and configure Jamroom, but not other 3rd party products such as forums, chat scripts, etc.  If you need assistance with these, feel free to contact us and a Jamroom Designer/Integrator can assist for an additional fee.
  • Customization of your Jamroom - this includes logo replacement, banner design, custom templates, etc. - a Jamroom Guaranteed Install covers installing and configuring Jamroom in it's default setup.  If you would like to have someone assist you in designing or customizing your Jamroom, please contact us and have a Jamroom Designer assist you.
  • Working directly with your Hosting Provider - we cannot work directly with your hosting provider if your hosting is not working properly - it will be your responsibility to handle any communication with your provider, or changes that might be needed on your server to support Jamroom.

If you have any additional questions about a Jamroom Guaranteed Install, please don't hesitate to contact us.  Thanks!

Your Guarantee

Your Entire Jamroom Purchase will be refunded (including the Guaranteed Install) if you have purchased the Jamroom Guaranteed Install option at the same time as your Jamroom Core License, and we are not able to get Jamroom to work on your Server.  The following configuration options may not be able to be set on your server remotely, and would need to have the assistance of your hosting provider to change.  If these settings are not able to be changed on your server by us, the Jamroom install is still considered successful if Jamroom will run, as these are Jamroom options:

  • Jamroom LOFI Creator - (requires a UNIX/Linux based server and the ability for your PHP to run system() commands)
  • Jamroom SEF URLs - requires Apache web server with mod_rewrite enabled on your hosting account
  • Jamroom Upload Progress Meter - requires a UNIX/Linux based server with PERL access, and active CGI support on your hosting account
  • 2 megabyte PHP Upload limit - most of the time this can be "overridden" within Jamroom and will work - on some servers this value must be changed by the System Administrator to allow uploads that exceed 2 megabytes.

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