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What Additional Features are in the Jamroom Power Pack?

The Jamroom Power Pack is a set of additional Add-on modules for Jamroom, that increase the number of features that are available for you to use in your Jamroom. This includes:

  • Video Support - let your Jamroom Artists upload their latest video clips!  The Jamroom Power Pack supports WMV (Windows Media Video), MOV (Apple Quicktime) and Flash Videos (FLV).  Jamroom also supports the video formats of "3GP", "AVI" and "MPG" with the optional Jamroom Cluster and Conversion Server.
  • TV Channels - Not only can your Artists upload their latest videos, but they can select from multiple videos and create their own TV Channel!  As the Jamroom Master admin you can add commercials and other advertisements directly into the TV Channel playlists.
  • Full Video Charts - chart the videos in your Jamroom over days, weeks, months, etc. All the Features of the Jamroom Advanced Charts (for audio), except for video!
  • Profile Forums - Allows each of your Member and Artist Profiles the ability to have their own Forum!  This can really increase the amount of user interaction on your Artist and Member profiles!
  • Media Upload Progress Meter - The Jamroom "Upload Progress Meter" gives your users a visual cue as to how close their media item is to being completely uploaded.
  • Custom Profile Editor - Allow your Artist and Member profiles the ability to completely customize the look and feel of their Profile by using the Custom Profile Editor.  They can change backgrounds, fonts, colors - almost everything.  Plus, if they really like their "custom skin", they can share it with other Users!
  • Jamroom Comments and Reviews - all visitors to your Jamroom to add comments to the different “items” in your Jamroom - videos, songs, photos, calendar entries, etc.
  • Jamroom Photo Galleries - let your Artists upload their favorite photos into their own organized “gallery” of photos.
  • Artist Page Guestbook - Visitors to your Artist and Member profiles can leave a link to their website, as well as a message in the Profile Guestbook!
  • Download Protect - The Download protect allows you to protect your media downloads with username and password combinations.  This works well if you need to ensure only certain users are allowed to download media.
  • Artist Page Lock - create user lists of users that can access “hidden” and password protected Artist Pages. The perfect solution for an online album release party!

WMV, MOV, MPG and FLV Video Support

With the Jamroom Power Pack, you now have the ability to add full motion video support (WMV format) to your Jamroom! This allows your artists to upload their latest concert footage, music videos, instructional videos or collaboration shots - all with the ease of using the Jamroom interface. If your artists can add a song, they can add a video.

Full Video Charting

With the Jamroom Power Pack you also get access to the “videochart.php” script - this script does for video what the “chart.php” script (part of the Jamroom Bonus Pack) does for audio. Track the “movement” of videos up and down charts - charted by genre, number of streams, downloads, or streams + downloads! You can also “pull” specific videos and artist’s entries directly from the charts to place on the Artist Pages. This powerful script really helps create a dynamic Jamroom.

Jamroom Comments/Reviews

One way to increase the “stickiness” of your web site is to get your community involved - give them a “piece” of the action and they’ll want to return to see the response! The Jamroom Comment script allows you to have “comments” associated with almost everything in your Jamroom!

Jamroom Photo Galleries

Currently in Jamroom it is possible for Artist’s to add their artist photo to their website, but if they want to add additional photos their pretty much left to adding them into “blog” entries using BBCode [img] tags. Now, with the Jamroom Photo Gallery, each artists gets an online “gallery” in the Artist Page. This allows them to upload as many photos as they want (or their Jamroom Quota allows), all while categorizing them and being able to display them in any way the Artist Theme will let them.

Profile Forum

Each profile in your Jamroom (including Member Profiles) can now have their own Profile Forum, with editing and admin capabilities.

Fully Customizable Profile Pages

Your users can have complete control over the look and feel of their profile page using Jamroom's built in Custom Profile Editor.  They can change colors, text styles, background images and more, and when finished, your users can "share" their customized profile with other users in your Jamroom.  The Jamroom Nova Profile Theme comes with 3 "shared" skins for your users use!

 Plus More Features!


  • Licensed copy of the Jeroen Flash Player - includes a copy of the FLV Player for playing both audio and video.
  • Profile Guestbooks - enable a "Guestbook" on your Profile so visitors can share their site with your profiles.
  • Artist Page Lock - allows you to set specific Username/Password combos on a per-profile basis, which allows you to add password protection to profiles of your choosing.
  • Download Lock - allows you to create Username/Password combos that can be used to download media from your Jamroom.


The Jamroom Power Pack is the perfect addition for your Jamroom!  Purchase a Jamroom Power Pack license from the Jamroom Store!

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