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What Additional Features are in the Jamroom Skin Pack?

The Jamroom Skin Pack was developed to give Jamroom Site owners a new Jamroom Skin/Theme/Style for their Jamroom site.  The "Flashback" full skin is an entirely new Jamroom skin, profile theme and control panel style, built from the ground up to support all of the features Jamroom 4.1 has to offer, as well as provide many small enhancements and features that many site owners might want to add to their site.

  • Jamroom Flashback Skin - the brand new "Flashback" Jamroom skin has been developed to be the most advanced Jamroom Skin that has been made available.  It features many small DHTML enhancements and effects, as well as templates to support and enhance every page feature in Jamroom.  The inspiration for the Flashback 3.1 skin was to try and combine the original (Jamroom 4.0) "Cobalt" skin with the updated features of Jamroom 4.1 to create an entirely new skin that "reminds" you of an earlier Jamroom look, while having the polish and functionality of the new Jamroom 4.1 features.  The new Flashback Skin also features new Flash based MP3 and FLV audio and video players to play the radio stations and TV Channels in your Jamroom.
  • Jamroom Flashback Profile Theme - the "full" Flashback skin for Jamroom also includes a completely new "Flashback" Profile Theme for your member and artist profiles.  This new theme supports all features of Jamroom 4.1, as well as adds some dynamic elements to make the profile pages more interactive:
    • Your artist and member profiles can now select which page in their profile they want to be their "index" page
    • Artist pages feature an entirely new custom Flash Player set for both audio and video files - if your Artists are using the MP3 audio file type, and FLV video type, the music and videos play directly in the page.
    • A new "slide open" and "slide close" javascript setup is featured in the song and video pages, allowing your visitors to show and hide the many extra details and information associated with each song or video.
    • A new movement-activated "slider" has been added to the Photos section, allowing your visitors to easily select the photo from the artist or members gallery that they would like to view.
    • All new Icon set
  • Jamroom Flashback Control Panel Style - there is also a new Flashback Control Panel style that has been created exclusively to compliment the Flashback Skin and Profile themes.
  • Jamroom "JamTube" Skin - a highly customizable Skin designed around videos, based on the popular video site "YouTube".  This is a great skin that can be customized to suit your video sharing site needs.
  • Jamroom "JamTube" Profile Theme - a custom theme designed to work specifically with the JamTube Skin.
  • New "Recommended" Music and Videos Module - a "Recommended for you" module that takes the name of an artist the visitor likes, and scans the current artists, songs and Favorites within Jamroom and finds other music the visitor might be interested in viewing as well.  By using the Jamroom Favorites, this finds other users in your Jamroom that share similar "tastes", and bases its recommendations off of the popularity and ratings of media items not yet listened to or seen.

Jamroom Flashback Skin

"Flashback" Full Jamroom Skin

The new "Flashback" Jamroom Skin has been created from the ground up to enhance the look and functionality of your Jamroom site.  If you are already running any version of the Jamroom "Cobalt" skin, you will find the new look in Flashback to be a nice upgrade to your site.

Jamroom Flashback Profile Theme

"Flashback" Full Jamroom Theme

The Jamroom Skin Pack comes with a complete Profile Theme for your use in Jamroom, that has many new features and enhancements that your artists and members are really going to enjoy.  There are all new Flash based Video and Audio players, as well as several dynamic javascript elements use throughout the site to give each page an interactive feeling.

"JamTube" Jamroom Skin for Video

The Jamroom Skin Pack also includes the new "JamTube" Jamroom Skin, which has been designed specifically for Video sharing sites.  If you are looking to create a "Youtube clone", the JamTube skin is what you need.

"JamTube" Profile Theme

The Jamroom Skin Pack includes the JamTube Profile Theme designed specifically for the "channels" (profiles) in your Jamroom

New "Recommended for you" Jamroom Module

The Jamroom Skin Pack includes the "Recommended" music module. This module will scan the "Influences" field of artists, as well as look for other users in your Jamroom that share similar tastes, and create a list of recommended songs that you might enjoy listening to.  This really increases the interaction with your Jamroom site and lets your Users discover new music!

The Jamroom Skin Pack is an exciting add-on for your Jamroom 4.1 system - if you are currently using any version of the Jamroom 4.0 (or 3.1) Cobalt Skin and Profile Theme, you should check out the new look the Flashback Skin and Theme can give your site.  Licenses for the Jamroom Skin Pack can be found on the Jamroom Purchase Page:

Get your Jamroom Skin Pack license today!

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