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What is Jamroom?

Jamroom is a powerful web-based platform for building
dynamic media-centered social networking sites.

If you want a site like...

YouTube - Jamroom can create it

iTunes - Jamroom can create it

PureVolume - Jamroom can create it

+ more!

  • Jamroom will fit your design

Jamroom is fully "re-brandable" to your look and feel, and offers a tremendous amount of power and flexibility to fit your needs.  Jamroom has been in development and improvement for over 5 years, and has grown in power and scope with the valuable input of the Jamroom User Community.  Jamroom drives thousands of web based social communities around the world - if you have ever visited sites like YouTube™, MySpace.com™, PureVolume™, or other media-based social community sites, you have an idea of what Jamroom can do for you.

  • Jamroom is Powerful and Flexible

Jamroom is very easy to install, and out-of-the-box supports hundreds of different configuration options for setting up your site EXACTLY as you want it.  We've worked with artists, musicians, designers, photographers and other creative entrepreneurs for over 5 years, and we've learned in that time that everyone wants their site to be unique!  Jamroom's template based structure allows for completely unique designs, as well as flexible integration to existing applications.

  • You can create almost anything with Jamroom

Jamroom works a bit differently then most other CMS systems - Jamroom can be thought of as a "toolkit" or "platform" for creating media oriented websites.  Jamroom provides you with a tremendous amount of flexibility - you can create a Jamroom that looks any way you want, and can provide hundreds of different options and services for your users.

Jamroom Core Features

Jamroom is extremely configurable and customizable - the following list of features is only a partial list of "major" features.  Typically every feature in Jamroom is configurable and modifiable on a per Jamroom Quota basis (i.e. per User Group basis).
  • Powerful - Jamroom will support as many profiles as your hardware and bandwidth allow. There are current Jamroom installations running well over 50 thousand profiles on a single server, and with the addition of the Jamroom Cluster Server, the number of Artist Accounts your Jamroom can support is really only limited by your imagination - the Jamroom Cluster Server allows you to add new servers as needed, as you grow your Jamroom.

  • Jamroom Quota System - Using this configurable administrative system you can set limits on over 150 key areas of Jamroom's operation (disk usage, bandwidth usage, detailed stats, spotlight inclusion, video access, etc.), allowing you flexibility in the hosting plans you offer.
  • Multi-Lingual Support - Jamroom can support any language you would like!
  • Artist and Member Themes - Your Artists can select from one of several pre-made Artist Themes to give their sites a unique look, or you can customize a theme to match your site theme using Jamroom's powerful Artist Theme Engine.
  • Jamroom Content Creator - Create Articles, Reviews and other "content" for your Jamroom.  You can assign content creation and editing rights to users.
  • Jamroom Online Store - your artists can sell CD's, t-shirts and more online! (payments via PayPal).
  • Artist Blog - a Built in "blog" messaging system that gives your artists a way to personalize their site with messages to their fans.
  • Artist Event Calendar - Let your artists tell everyone about their next upcoming gig.. or album release party.
  • BBCode, HTML and WYSIWYG Editor support - The ability to use BBCode, HTML or even the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) "tiny mce" HTML Editor in several key areas - allowing your artists even more creativity. This can be defined on a per-quota basis.
  • Artist Radio Stations - your artists can share their music, as well as the music of your other artists through artist Radio Stations.
  • Multiple Audio formats - Use the popular MP3 song format (or optional OGG, WMA, MP4, WAV, FLAC or MID formats) for streaming and downloading.
  • Jamroom Ranking System - Create "Top" lists of your most listened to songs, as well as member directories, artist directory, etc. This also includes the "spotlight" capability to highlight your Jamroom Artists.
  • Extensive Statistics - Full Song, Radio and Page statistics keep track of what your fans are looking at and listening to. This includes detailed daily statistics on the number of plays your songs have received.
  • Detailed Logging - Full Logging of all Jamroom-related events for perusal and downloading by the Master Admin
  • Artist and Song Ratings - allow visitors to your site to vote on whats best, then use the results to build detailed rankings!
  • Custom Buttons and Menus that allow you link Jamroom up with other external applications, as well as pass information between applications. This gives you a "plugin" interface into Jamroom!
  • Deep Linking protection - Jamroom can prevent users from "deep linking" to the content hosted on your Jamroom server. You can allow or deny deep linking based on the Artist's Jamroom Quota.
  • Extensive Admin Tools - Jamroom provides the Master Admin a full set of "tools" to use in the operation of a Jamroom Site - everything from ID3 tag validation to Database Backups, to online editing of Templates and a User Mass Emailing system.
  • PLUS MORE! - New features are being developed on a regular basis, with most of the suggestions coming directly from the Jamroom User community.


Jamroom is expandable through Jamroom Add-ons such as:

  • Jamroom Power Pack

    the Jamroom Power Pack adds full Video Support, as well as Flash Players and modules for comments, guestbooks, reviews, forums, customizing profiles and more!
  • Jamroom Payment Pack

    The Jamroom Payment Pack add-on adds full PayPal subscription support, as well as Jamroom Vault (digital downloads) support via PayPal, 2Checkout and Worldpay!
  • Jamroom Skin Pack

    Add an exciting Jamroom Skin - "Flashback" - to your Jamroom, as well as a fully licensed copy of the Jeroen Flash and WWV players
  • Jamroom Cluster and Conversion Server

    Automate the conversion of uploaded audio files to MP3, and video files to FLV with this powerful add-on that spans your Jamroom across multiple servers


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