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String Functions
checkType() Check values to see if they are a specific type
cleanOutput() Clean output data for presentation in the browser without worrying about XSS
cleanSlashes() Recursive function for running the PHP stripslashes() function on an array of data
decString() Quick decryption of a string encrypted using encString()
encString() Quick encryption of a string
fileString() Convert a string to a value that is safe to use in a URL or as a file name on the file system
formatSeconds() Format a number of seconds into readable MM:SS or HH:MM:SS format
formatSize() Format a byte string into readable form at (i.e. XXmb, XXkb, etc.)
getExt() Return the lowercase file name extension for a given file name
htmlBadWords() Replace defined "bad words" with replacement characters in a string
jrCreateUrl() Function for generating a SEO URL from a given set of params
jrParseRequestUri() Explodes the $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] variable into an array of values
lcNumberFormat() Format a number depending on LOCALE
stringField() Retrieve specific "words" by position from a string
stripBadSlashes() Remove multiple slashes from a string that may have been through addslashes() too many times
Filesystem Functions
deleteDir() Recursively delete a directory and all of its contents
getDirSize() Get the size (in bytes) of a directory and all sub directories and files
getDiskSpace() Get detailed information about the amount of used and free disk space
getMimeType() Return the Mime Type for a given file
jrDataStoreRead() Read a flat file database stored using jrDataStoreWrite()
jrDataStoreWrite() Write data to a flat file database
writeToFile() Write data into a file
Profile Theme Functions
generateTheme() Regenerate a Profile for a given band_id
getLocalThemes() Get list of Profile Themes
setLock() Set flag to have profile for specified band_id rebuilt
Session Functions
sessionCheck() Check for existence of valid Jamroom session
sessionDestroy() Destroy an existing Jamroom Session
sessionExplode() Get raw session data into a useable array
sessionSetLocation() Set location (current activity) of User to appear in Whos Online
sessionSync() Re-sync an active Jamroom Session with the database
sessionVerify() Verify active Jamroom Session before allowing script to continue
Database Functions
dbClose() Close a MySQL database connection
dbConnect() Connect to a MySQL database
dbEscapeString() Escape special characters to avoid SQL errors and SQL Injection
dbNumberRows() Return number of rows in MySQL database table
dbPagedQuery() Create a SQL query that will result in a paged format
dbQuery() Send a SQL query to the MySQL server with a lot of output and formatting options
dbVerifyTable() Verify MySQL Table schema
jrTableColumns() Retrieve column names for given database table
Control Panel Form Functions
htmlChooser() Create a tabbed selection bar in the Control Panel
htmlPagePager() Create next/prev page section for paged output
htmlPageSelect() Create a set of tabs for a Control Panel page
htmlSearchBar() Add in a search section to a Control Panel form
jmBeginForm() Begin a Control Panel form
jmBodyBegin() Begin a page in the Control Panel
jmBodyEnd() End a page in the Control Panel form and process form.tpl
jmButton() Create an option in a Control Panel section
jmCheckBox() Create a Checkbox form element in the Control Panel
jmChoose() Create a muti-line <select> form element in the Control Panel that allows multiple selections
jmCloseWindow() Add a "Close Window" button to a Control Panel form
jmDivider() Insert a dividing line in a Control Panel form
jmEndForm() End an Control Panel form opened with jmBeginForm()
jmHtmlBegin() Begin a HTML page in the Jamroom Control Panel
jmHtmlEnd() End a HTML page that was begun with jmHtmlBegin()
jmInput() Create an input form element in the Control Panel
jmLinkCell() Create a section with a link to another page in it in the Control Panel
jmRefresh() Create a link to refresh back to the login note in the Control Panel
jmSelect() Create a <select> element in the Jamroom Control Panel
jmShowLine() Add a note line into the Control Panel
jmSpanCell() Create a header description cell for a Control Panel form
jmTextArea() Create a <textarea> entry field in a Control Panel form
jmTextBanner() Create a section in the Jamroom Control Panel
jmTextBannerEnd() End a section in the Jamroom Control Panel
jmToolCell() Create an entry like is found in the Jamroom Tools menu
jmYesNo() Creat a Yes/No field in a Control Panel form
jrCancel() Create a Cancel button in the Control Panel
jrFormElementCell() Create a cell in a form that can contain multiple form elements
jrFormOrderedList() Create a <select> form element that allows re-ordering of entries
jrFormSubmit() Create the submit/cancel section of a Control Panel form
jrGetFormNotice() Get an error notice that has been set in a Control Panel form
jrHtmlButtonCode() Create a button in the Control Panel
jrHtmlFormHiddenField() Add a hidden form field to a Control Panel form
jrHtmlFormRawText() Embed raw text in the Control Panel
jrHtmlFormTemplate() Display a Jamroom template in the Control Panel
jrHtmlFormTokenCreate() Create an anti-CSRF form token
jrHtmlFormTokenValidate() Validate a anti-CSRF form token
jrHtmlFormWarning() Display a large Warning banner in a Control Panel page
jrHtmlPopupPlayer() Create a popup Flash Player field for audio/video in the Control Panel
jrHtmlProgressLine() Echo an update line out to the browser (for example as used in the Integrity Check)
jrHtmlShowForm() Force the display of a Control Panel form before jmHtmlEnd is called
jrInvalidOption() Show an Invalid Option error page in a Control Panel form
jrNotAuthorized() Show a Not Authorized error page in the Control Panel
jrNoticePage() Show a success/warning/error section in a Control Panel form
jrPickDate() Create a date element form that has 3 separate selectors for month, date and year
jrSetFormNotice() Set a notice in a Control Panel form
jrShowNotice() Show a notice (success/warning/error) inline in a Control Panel form
Array Functions
arrayFile() Read the contents of a file into a PHP array with options
jrArrayMerge() Replacement array_merge that handles empty arrays in all Jamroom supported PHP versions
jrArraySlice() Replacement array_slice() with preserve keys that works in all Jamroom supported PHP versions
trimArray() Run the PHP trim() function on all values in an array
HTML Functions
cleanHtml() Recursive function to run nl2br() and stripslashes() on strings
htmlGetTemplate() Get template options based on posted variables
htmlShowTemplate() Main function used for displaying templates throughout Jamroom
htmlBBCode() Convert BBCode entries in text to HTML
htmlSmilies() Convert text emoticons to graphical smilies
showHtml() Recursive function to run htmlspecialchars()
stripHtml() Strip HTML that is not allowed from text using HTML_Safe
Jamroom Ranking System Functions
jrRankAddQuery() Construct a SQL portion from received parameters with options
jrRankGetRandom() Retrieve a comma separated row of IDs from the Jamroom Random Table
jrRankSaveRandom() Save randomized IDs in the Jamroom Random Table
Form Functions
addToForm() Add a key => value pair to a saved form session
getForm() Retrieve key => value pairs from a saved form session
remInForm() Remove a key => value pair from a saved from session
resetForm() Reset and empty a saved form session
saveForm() Save posted variables as a new form session
setFormHighlight() Highlight a specific form field in a Control Panel form
Profile Functions
artistDiskUsage() Get amount of disk usage by specific profile
getBandUrl() Get the "Friendly URL" for a given profile
jrSuspendAccount() Suspend a Jamroom Profile
Date and Time Functions
convertTime() Add in seconds of offset based on location as set in Jamroom Control Panel
getMicroTime() Get epoch time including microseconds
getMonthInfo() Return information about month
Miscellaneous Functions
debug() Print information in debug format to the screen
fdebug() Write information in debug format to the logs/jr_debug_log
getCounts() Retrieve information counts from Jamroom
getJamroomUrl() Get proper Jamroom URL to use based on profiles server information
getQuota() Return information about a Jamroom Quota
getPostVars() Merged $_REQUEST, $_COOKIE and $_FILES superglobals, cleaned for magic_quotes settings
getRealIp() Return Real IP Address of viewer (will attempt to get proper IP from proxy servers)
isCached() Check and return cached object from Jamroom cache tables if it exists
jmLogger() Log message to Jamroom Activity Log
jrAdminOnly() Set code section to only be accessible by Jamroom Master Admin
jrCheckDemoMode() Check if Jamroom is running in Demo Mode
jrCheckDisabled() Check if Jamroom is running in Maintenance Mode
jrCallUrl() Call a remote URL and save results, works even if allow_url_fopen is disabled
jrConfigReader() Read a .ini/.cfg file and return contents as an array
jrCookie() Set/read/Delete a persistent cookie
jrGetModules() Get a list of active modules installed in Jamroom
jrGetQuotas() Get Jamroom Quotas
jrGetSkins() Get installed Jamroom Skins
jrIsDemoMode() Check if Jamroom is running in Demo Mode
jrLocation() Send a http Location header to a browser with session information saved
jrProcessEmail() Process an Email template and return subject and message
jrSendEmail() Send Email to an email address
jrSendNote() Send a Private Note to recipients
Media Functions
getChannelVideos() Get videos that are part of a Jamroom TV Channel
getStationSongs() Get Songs that are part of a Jamroom Radio Station
getStreamData() Get stream information for a song
getVideoData() Get stream information for a video
isMediaFile() Check if a file is an allowed Media Item based on the profiles Jamroom Quota
jrMediaGetFile() Retreive an uploaded file and place it in Profile media directory
jrMediaDeleteFile() Remove a media file that was saved using jrMediaGetFile()
User Account Functions
deleteUser() Delete a User Account
getUserData() Retrieve User account information
getUserNames() Get a list of Jamroom Usernames with options
Language Functions
getLanguage() Get language strings for users configured language in Control Panel
languageArray() Get array of available Control Panel languages
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