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The htmlShowTemplate function is the main Template display function used throughout Jamroom to display templates.

  • return: Returns True/False on Success/Fail
bool htmlShowTemplate (string $type, string $template, [array $_data = false], [string $tdir = false], [bool $error = true], [string $skin_dir = false])
  • string $type: Type of template (skin/theme/cp/interface/compile/template)
  • string $template: Template name (Template name ONLY - no path)
  • array $_data: Array containing Key=>Value replacement variables for template
  • string $tdir: Template directory - for theme/template is Theme_Name of jamroom/templates/_dir_
  • bool $error: Error - whether to write template not found errors to activity log
  • string $skin_dir: Skin_Dir override active skin to pull a skin template from a different skin directory
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