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The jrFormElementCell is used for creating a "cell of elements" that you will often see as the "Options" bar in a Jamroom Form. The $_elements array consists of:

  • type - Type of Form Element: button, checkbox, input, submit
  • value => Text to appear on button
  • url => URL to open when button is clicked
  • style (optional) style for the button
  • onclick (optional) - full javascript onclick handler if needed

form.tpl element name: form_element_cell

  • return: Returns true
bool jrFormElementCell (String $title, array $_elements, [string $sub_title = false])
  • String $title: Title for the option
  • array $_elements: Array that contains an entry for each form element to create
  • string $sub_title: Sub Title that will appear under the Title
Michael, 02/09/10 07:56:16:

to do radio buttons:
$_btn[$i]['type'] = 'text';
$_btn[$i]['value'] = ' ';
Michael, 05/09/09 10:18:31:


$_btn[1]['type'] = 'checkbox';
$_btn[1]['name'] = 'choice1';
$_btn[2]['type'] = 'text';
$_btn[2]['value'] = 'Choise One, ';
$_btn[3]['type'] = 'checkbox';
$_btn[3]['name'] = 'choice2';
$_btn[4]['type'] = 'text';
$_btn[4]['value'] = 'Choice Two ';
$_btn[5]['type'] = 'input';
$_btn[5]['name'] = 'input_box_name1';
$_btn[6]['type'] = 'text';
$_btn[6]['value'] = ' some text here';
$_btn[7]['type'] = 'input';
$_btn[7]['name'] = 'input_box_name2';
$_btn[8]['type'] = 'text';
$_btn[8]['value'] = ' more text here. ';

jrFormElementCell('The Cell Title',$_btn);
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