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The jrCallUrl function is used in situations where we need to "call" another local script via a URL include, but don't want to depend on allow_url_fopen to be on on the local server. Note: this function relies on the "snoopy" library

  • return: Returns value of loaded URL, or false on failure
string jrCallUrl (string $uri, [array $_vars = false], [bool $offsite = false], [string $agent = false], [string $method = 'POST'], [bool $curl = false], [int $port = 80])
  • string $uri: Url to load
  • array $_vars: URI variables for URL
  • bool $offsite: True/False on whether to allow the URL to be a non-Jamroom URL (i.e. set to "true" to allow the URL to be offsite)
  • string $agent: User Agent to appear as (default is Jamroom Agent)
  • string $method: URL method (POST or GET)
  • bool $curl: True/False on whether to use optional cURL support
  • int $port: Remote Port to create socket connection to.
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