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cleanSlashes Function Index encString

The decString function is used to decode a string previously encrypted using the encString() function.

  • return: Returns decoded string
string decString (string $data, [string $ekey = false])
  • string $data: Text to decode
  • string $ekey: Key used to originally encrypt string. Note that by default, Jamroom will use the MySQL Username as the encryption key.
Brian, 11/13/09 16:26:36:

NOTE: If you do not provide the $ekey (encryption key) variable, Jamroom will use the MySQL username as the encryption key. This means that if the MySQL information is changed, strings that were encrypted before the change will no longer be able to be converted back, so make sure that if you are using this function for long term storage of an encrypted value, that you provide the (known) key - otherwise, once the MySQL info is changed, any strings encrypted before the change will no longer be accessible.

- Brian
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