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The jrNoticePage function is used for showing a "notification" page - this is often used for error pages, etc.

  • return: Function can exit on completion, or return
mixed jrNoticePage (string $type, string $text, [string $refresh_url = false], [bool $strip = true], [string $target = '_top'], [bool $header = true], [bool $exit = true])
  • string $type: The "type" of message that will be shown - can be one of 'success','warning','notice','error'.
  • string $text: Text of message
  • string $refresh_url: Refresh URL - if given, then a "click here" message is shown
  • bool $strip: If set to true, then message text is htmlspecialchar'd
  • string $target: Target of Refresh URL
  • bool $header: If set to false, then the Action Menu is not displayed
  • bool $exit: If set to false, then function does not exit when completed
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