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The jmInput function is the main Control Panel form function used for creating input form fields for accepting text, passwords and file upload data.

form.tpl element name: form_input

  • return: Returns True
bool jmInput (string $text, string $name, string $type, [string $value = ''], [string $help = ''], [array $_actions = false], [string $sub_title = false])
  • string $text: Title for form field - i.e. the string to the left in the Control Panel
  • string $name: Form field "name" value
  • string $type: Type of input form element to create - can be one of "file", "date", "password" or "text"
  • string $value: Value to use as value of field when form loads (i.e. existing value)
  • string $help: Help Text for the form field
  • array $_actions: Additional form elements ("actions") that will appear below the input form field
  • string $sub_title: Sub Title that will appear under the title
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