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The jmLinkCell function is used to create a "link" cell where the text is linked to a URL (like in the Jamroom Tools menu) form.tpl element name: form_custom

  • return: Returns true
bool jmLinkCell (string $title, string $text, [string $title_url = false], [integer $height = 30], [string $sub_title = false])
  • string $title: Text of Title (to be linked to)
  • string $text: Text to be shown to the right (i.e. the description)
  • string $title_url: URL to link to Title
  • integer $height: Height of cell
  • string $sub_title: Text of smaller sub title under "Title"
SteveX, 02/24/09 09:41:08:

You can just use the $title and $text strings to add a custom field or html into your form, perhaps if you need to add a little javascript to a text area as I did.
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