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The htmlChooser function is used to create a "tabbed" setup in the Control Panel form.tpl element name: form_page_tabs

  • return: Returns true
bool htmlChooser (array $_data, [string $target = '_self'])
  • array $_data: Elements to create tabs for
  • string $target: Target HTML target window for anchor links created in tabs
Michael, 12/18/08 06:47:48:

sets up a page selector like is used in the modify quota section
//set up the available link locations

$_data[1]['text'] = "Page 1";

$_data[1]['link'] = 'your_module.php?mode=page_1';

$_data[1]['active'] = true;

$_data[2]['text'] = "Page 2";

$_data[2]['link'] = 'your_module.php?mode=page_2';

$_data[3]['text'] = "Page 3";

$_data[3]['link'] = 'your_module.php?mode=page_3';

//draw the created links into tab like options.


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