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This document applies to Jamroom 3 only!
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Besides being able to use the "standard" set of Smarty functions and modifiers (check out the online Smarty documentation for details), Jamroom comes with an extensive set of custom Smarty functions and modifiers that help you when creating and modify Jamroom Artist / Member Themes.

Note: The Custom Template Functions listed here will ONLY WORK when used inside of an Artist / Theme template file - that would be any .tpl file located in the jamroom/themes directory.

The following Custom Smarty Functions have been created for your use in the Jamroom Artist / Member Theme Templates:

{jr_theme_favorite} Embed a list of User Favorites into a theme template.
{jr_theme_online} Show a small "online" section for User accounts linked to Artist / Member Profile.
{jr_theme_page_jumper} Used in a jr_theme_paginator template file to provide a page "jumper" instead of URL links.
{jr_theme_paginator} Create separate "pages" of output in theme templates
{jr_theme_php_include} Include a separate PHP script into a theme template (executed on every page view).
{jr_theme_template} Embed a Jamroom Skin Template into a theme template.

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