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This document applies to Jamroom 3 only!
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{jr_theme_page_jumper} is a unique Template Function, in that it is designed to work inside of the template used by the {jr_theme_paginator} Template Function.  The {jr_theme_page_jumper} function can be embedded into the paginator template to provide a "page jumper" mechanism, whereby the visitor can select the page they want to jump to from a drop down list of available pages.  This makes it convenient for your users to jump to any page, and is especially helpful if the number of items on your Profile page exceeds 3 pages. 

Note: This Template function ONLY WORKS within Jamroom Artist/Member Theme templates - it will not work in the Jamroom Skin Templates located in the jamroom/skins directory.


Name Type Required Default Description
style string no "width: 45px;" If the "style" parameter is given, any extra inline CSS style will be used to style the <select> drop down list. 



use of {jr_theme_page_jumper} inside of the jr_theme_paginator.tpl:

<table class="inset-1">
    <td width="30%">
    <td width="40%" style="text-align: center">
      {jr_theme_page_jumper style="width: 60px;"}
    <td width="30%" style="text-align: right">

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