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{jr_theme_template} is used for embedding a dynamic Jamroom Template into an Artist / Member theme template.  A dynamic template is different in that it will parsed on every load of the Artist / Member Page.

Note: This Template function ONLY WORKS within Jamroom Artist/Member Theme templates - it will not work in the Jamroom Skin Templates located in the jamroom/skins directory.


Name Type Required Default Description
template string yes n/a name of templates that will be used to format the output of the function.
theme_dir string yes n/a the theme_dir option tells the function which Theme Directory to look inside to find the template.
tpl_dir string no theme The tpl_dir tells Jamroom the TYPE of template this is - can be "skin" or "theme" (default).
??? ??? no n/a This function is unique, in that any additional parameters passed into the function will be made available as variables INSIDE the template.  For example, if you add BAND_ID="5" to the function call, then the variable {$BAND_ID} would contain "5" inside of the template.



Example embedding the {jr_theme_template} Template function into an Artist/Member theme template:

{jr_theme_template template="test.tpl" theme_dir="Cobalt" tpl_dir="theme" hello="world"}

the contents of the test.tpl template file, found in the jamroom/themes/Cobalt directory (as used in example above):

hello {$hello}!

Would produce:

hello world!

In the location the function was called in the Theme template file.

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