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This document applies to Jamroom 3 only!
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The Jamroom 3 License Index Detailed Jamroom 3 Feature List

Jamroom Modules List

The following modules are included in the following Jamroom Packages:

Jamroom Core

  • Jamroom Core functions
  • Jamroom Installer
  • Custom Control Panel manager
  • Jamroom Skin manager and previewer
  • Jamroom Profile Theme manager
  • User Account manager
  • Artist Profile Manager
  • Event and Gig Calendar
  • Artist Blogs and Messages
  • Radio Stations
  • General Merchandise Store with Buy Now
  • User Private Notes
  • Contact the Artist
  • Download, Stream and Page View counters
  • Stream Media Files
  • Download Media Files
  • Stream Media Files
  • Image Displayer with Watermark and Resize support
  • Dashboard and System Stats
  • Jamroom Tools
  • Online Template Editor
  • Admin Browser
  • Link Masker
  • Activity Log
  • Custom Login Notifications
  • Multilanguage Config
  • Custom Form Fields
  • Theme Generator
  • Basic and Advanced Statistics (audio/video/radio/channel/page/disk/bandwidth/sales)
  • Jamroom Ranking System
  • Jamroom Ratings
  • Jamroom Playlist Viewer
  • MP3 Tag rewriter
  • Newsletter Manager
  • Private Profiles
  • Jamroom to External Application bridge support
  • "Sage" and "Cobalt3" Jamroom Skins
  • "Sage" and "Cobalt3" Jamroom Profile Themes
  • "Sage" and "Cobalt3" Control Panel Styles

Jamroom Bonus Pack

Jamroom Power Pack

  • Video Support
  • TV Channels
  • Profile Photo Galleries
  • Artist and Member image galleries with counters
  • User/Media/Profile Comments and Reviews
  • Artist and Member Profile Page Forum
  • Artist and Member Profile Page Guestbook
  • Artist and Member Custom Profile (themes) editor
  • Upload Progress Meter
  • Download Lock
  • Artist and Member Page Lock
  • Jamroom Advanced Video Charts
  • Jamroom Flash Video and Audio player support

Jamroom Payment Pack

  • Jamroom Subscriptions support (automated PayPal subscriptions)
  • Jamroom Vault (selling digital items)
  • Jamroom Shopping Cart
  • Jamroom Promo Code Creator (for creating digital coupons good for items in the Jamroom Vault)
  • Jamroom "Buy Now" Flash player
  • Jamroom Ad Manager
  • Jamroom Event Ticket sales and tracking
  • Jamroom Vault merchant plugins for PayPal, 2Checkout and WorldPay

Jamroom Skin Pack

  • Jamroom "Flashback" Skin
  • Jamroom "Flashback" Profile Theme
  • Jamroom "Flashback" Control Panel Style
  • 5 additional Flash Players (3 video and 2 audio)
  • Licensed Jeroen Flash Player (versions 3 and 4) + skins
  • Flash Image Rotator
  • N8Flash J10 Video Jukebox Flash Player
  • Recommended Music

Jamroom Jukebox

  • Jamroom "Jukebox" Skin
  • Jamroom "Jukebox" Profile Theme
  • Jamroom "Jukebox" Control Panel Style
  • Jamroom Jukebox Audio Importer

Jamroom Cluster Server

  • Jamroom Cluster Server Core
  • Jamroom Artist and Member Profile Transfer
  • Jamroom Audio and Video Conversion Server (convert incoming audio files to MP3 and incoming video files to FLV)
  • Video Thumbnail Image grabber

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