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This document applies to Jamroom 3 only!
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What Additional Features are in the Jamroom Bonus Pack?

The Jamroom Bonus Pack is a separate set of scripts (available from the Jamroom Downloads Page) that is a bonus given to Licensed Jamroom Users as a way to say Thank You for your License purchase and your support. The Jamroom Bonus Pack adds most of the "community" based features in Jamroom, and is the perfect collection of tools and scripts to help grow your system!

The Jamroom Signup and Invitation System

The Jamroom Signup System gives you the ability to automate the addition of new Artist and Member accounts in your Jamroom by letting them “sign up” for a new account. It is fully customizable and has many configuration settings available in the Admin Menu → Signup Configuration section.

Jamroom Invitations - allow your users to invite their friends to join your Jamroom!  You can create an invitation only system, as well as allow your users to import contacts via a CSV file or list of email addresses!

Jamroom Image and Gallery Selector

This Jamroom Bonus Pack feature gives your Artists an easier way to select their images in the Artist Menu, as well as allow the Admin to provide “canned images” that are ready for use by Artists in your Jamroom.

Jamroom Advanced Charts

The Jamroom Advanced Charts track the daily (or weekly, or monthly - its configurable) movement of songs by total plays (streams + downloads), streams only, downloads only, as well as charting within the songs genre!

Jamroom LOFI Creator

The Jamroom Lofi Creator uses LAME to convert an uploaded HiFi song file to it’s corresponding LoFi file automatically, or at the artist’s request!

Jamroom Fans and Friends

Jamroom supports both "Fans" and "Friends" for your Artist and Member Profiles.  Your Artists can send out newsletters to their Fans, and your Member accounts can become Fans of as many artists as they would like.

Jamroom Friendly URLs

Give the Artists and Members of your Jamroom and easy to remember URL!
Instead of:

they get:

Jamroom File Slurper

The Jamroom File Slurper will "slurp" (i.e. pull) an audio or video file from another server directly in to your Jamroom. This makes it very convenient if your users are on dial-up modems - they can now transfer their songs from another existing web site directly in to Jamroom so they can be used on their Artist Page!

Jamroom Artist EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

Now your Artist Profile can make available an "Electronic Press Kit" in PDF format - directly from their Artist Page!  The EPK system in the Jamroom Bonus Pack makes it easy to create and customize EPK templates - you can make the EPK look any way you want!

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