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Q:  Can I run more than 1 copy of Jamroom on my server?
Q:  How easy is it to upgrade Jamroom to support more Artist Profiles?
Q:  How do I change/remove the rounded corners in the Nova skin?
Q:  Can I remove the Powered by Jamroom Logos?
Q:  How many profiles can Jamroom support?
Q:  Can Jamroom limit the amount of bandwidth used by a profile?
Q:  How do I get access to the Backstage VIP forum?
Q:  What are the correct permissions to use for Jamroom directories and files?
Q:  Jamroom is showing a 2mb upload limit - how do I change that?
Q:  How do I tell if PHP is running as an Apache Module or CGI?
Q:  How do I change the MySQL or Master Admin password?
Q:  I'm getting an Internal Server Error 500 on my Profile pages
Q:  I'm seeing a MySQL "dbhandler 28 error" - what does that mean?
Q:  I'm getting a MySQL "Too Many Connections" error - what can I do?
Q:  I want to change my Jamroom directory or domain name - what do I need to do?
Q:  Jamroom does not seem to be sending out email - what would be the cause?
Q:  I'm getting a MySQL Max Allowed Packet error - what do I do?
Q:  Why do I see Pending Users in the Control Panel when new users can validate themselves?
Q:  How do I link a new User Account to a Artist Profile?
Q:  Can I let my users embed Youtube or other videos in their profile?
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