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This is perhaps one of the most common questions and issues that Jamroom site owners run into, and unfortunately it has many different causes, with the problem rarely linked to Jamroom.  If you are not receiving Jamroom E-Mails (i.e. signup validation, new artist signups, etc.), then you'll want to follow these steps to help solve the issue:

  • First, make sure it isn't something as simple as your e-mail being caught in a Spam filter - disable all Spam filtering (if you can), and try to use a non-free email address.  Both Hotmail and Yahoo mail are notorious for not delivering legitimate email that they "think" is spam.
  • Next, make sure that SMTP is configured correctly for your server.  Jamroom utilizes the PHP mail function, which in turn relies on the underlying SMTP (email) server that runs on your web server.  Start by visiting Into DNS and run the "DNS report" on your domain name.  You should not see any errors in the "mail" section of the report. Note that many domains still do not utilize the "SPF" record section, so it is fairly normal to fail on this section, however certain free e-mail providers (namely Hotmail and Yahoo) will reject email from a domain that does not have a properly configured SPF record.  You will need to have your hosting provider configure an SPF record for your domain.
  • Next, we want to make sure that PHP is configured properly to "talk" to the underlying SMTP server.  We can do this with a simple test.  Create a small file called "emailme.php" which contains the following lines:
mail('you@yourdomain.com','test subject','test message');
echo "email sent!";
And save it in your Jamroom directory.  Make sure and replace "you@yourdomain.com" with your actual email address - preferably an address you know works correctly, and is not a Hotmail or Yahoo email address (if you haven't created an SPF record).  Next, run the small script from your web browser:


If you do not receive the email message, then the problem is that PHP is not configured correctly to "talk" to your SMTP server, and you will need to have your hosting provider verify the PHP configuration.  You can consult the PHP manual for details.
  • Finally, make sure that the e-mail address you have chosen for the following Jamroom Config items is a proper e-mail address:
    • Jamroom Config → Email Settings → Return E-Mail Address
    • Jamroom Config → Signup Settings → Admin E-Mail Address
    • Admin Profile → Email Address
Since Jamroom will use these email addresses as the "From" address when sending e-mail.  If these e-mails are not valid e-mail addresses, most receiving systems will reject the e-mail messages.
  • Email delivery is a "tricky" process in some instances, and delivery can take several days (in rare instances).  For more details on why email delivery can be slow, make sure and check out this page:


tags: email, email delivery, email troubleshooting, email server
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