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Yes - Jamroom can limit not only the amount of disk space or media slots an Artist can use, but can also place a hard or “soft” cap on the amount of Bandwidth an Artist Profile can use. This is controlled via a setting in the Jamroom Quota that has been assigned to the Artist account.

  • Click on the "Admin Menu"
  • Click on "Modify Quota" - select the Jamroom Quota you would like to modify the Bandwidth settings for.
  • In the "Quota Bandwidth" section on the General tab, enter the Bandwidth settings you would like to use and click on "Modify Quota" to save your settings.

Note: the quality of the Bandwidth Tracking in Jamroom is affected by both the "Audio Boost" and "Video Boost" settings in your Jamroom Config -> Media Settings section.  The higher the boost value, the less accurate the bandwidth tracking will be, while the lower the boost value is the more accurate it will be.

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