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There currently are 2 common “modes” of running PHP on a server - as a standalone CGI program, or as an Apache module. It’s important to understand the mode your server is operating in.

Log in to your Jamroom as the Master Admin, and click on Admin Options -> Jamroom Tools -> Server Check.

  • If the "Web Server" section of the Server Details shows "Apache", then your PHP is running as an Apache module, and the following directories (including all files and folders inside) should be "owned" by the user that Apache is running as:
    • jamroom/members
    • jamroom/media
    • jamroom/uploads
    • jamroom/logs
    • jamroom/compile
  • If the "Web Server" section of the Server Details instead shows ANY form of "CGI" (i.e. "cgi/fastcgi", "CGI", "cgi"), then it means PHP is running as a CGI module, and ALL files and directories in your Jamroom should be owned by your User Account.

tags: apache, PHP, SAPI, Web Server, CGI

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