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If you are a Licensed Jamroom User, you are free to remove ALL references to Jamroom or Jamroom.net from any of the OUTPUT templates (i.e. Artist Themes, Ranking templates, chart templates, etc.).

Note that the HEADER section of the Jamroom Script files, i.e.:

# JAMROOM 4 - The Ultimate Media Content Management System
# Jamroom is copyright 2003 - 2009 by Talldude Networks, LLC.
# Brian Johnson (bigguy@jamroom.net)
# http://www.jamroom.net

must remain intact.  At no time can the copyright notice, or credits be removed from a Jamroom script file.

Make sure after modifying any of the theme template files, that you "rebuild" the artist pages in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. To rebuild the Artist Page for a single artist (for example a "test' account that you are using to test your new changes on) click on the "Rebuild Site" link from the Artist Menu.
  2. To rebuild the pages for all of your Artist Accounts, use the "Regenerate Artist Themes" tool located in the Jamroom Tools menu.

NOTE: If you are looking to remove the "Powered by Jamroom" logo that appears in the Nova Video player, make sure and check out the FAQ Entry.

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