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First you need an Artist account for the band. If you create this yourself when logged in as Admin there will be no associated Users. However, if the Artist account has been created via the signup form there will already be a User account linked to the Artist.

Creating new linked User Accounts

To create additional new User accounts, for example when the drummer, Manager, etc. needs to be added to an existing Artist Profile:

Admin > Create User > select Create A New User Account Linked to Artist Profile(s)

Continue creating the User, selecting which Artist to link the new User to. The new User will then appear in the Members box in the side menu of the Artist site, alongside the existing Artist user. The drummer or manager will be able to log in and alter the Artist profile, create blog items and events, upload songs and photos, and generally contribute to the Artist site.

Linking an existing Artist User

To link an existing Artist User to an Artist account (they must be an artist user rather than a member user) go to Modify User, select the user and proceed to the Modify User page. Scroll down and click Assign Artist Profiles to this User Account. You get the Assign Accounts popup window. Add the artist account you want to link the User to. Then click the Save and Close button (top right). Ensure that you then scroll down the Modify User Account page which the popup opened from and click the Update User button to save the changes.

Note: Clicking the Save and Close button in the popup window does not commit the changes, you must Update User as well.

Delete the old Artist account

If the drummer had already signed up as an Artist, once you have linked them to the correct Artist you may want to delete the Artist account that was created when they signed up. To do this go to

Admin > Artist Menu > Delete Artist, choose the unwanted Artist account and delete, but do not select to delete the User in the Delete Artist Users section.

Linking an existing Member User<

If the drummer has already signed up but via the Member signup form rather than as an Artist, you will need to convert them to Artist User status before linking them to their band.

Admin menu > modify user > choose your user > Convert to Artist User Account. Note that this also works the other way around, you can convert an Artist User to a Member User from here as well.

Listing Band Members in the Artists Profile

If you do not need multiple Users in your Artist account, but want to list individual band members in the Artist pages this FAQ may provide a simpler solution.

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