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This document applies to Jamroom 3 only!
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The difference between Skins, Themes and Styles Index Jamroom 3 Server Related Questions

FAQ: General Questions about Jamroom

  1. How easy is it to upgrade Jamroom to support more Artist Accounts - do I have to install anything?
  2. Can I run more than 1 copy of Jamroom on my server?
  3. Can I remove the "Powered by Jamroom" logos from my Jamroom?
  4. How many User Accounts can Jamroom handle?
  5. Can Jamroom Limit the amount of bandwidth that is used by an account?
  6. Does Jamroom run under XAMPP?
  7. Does Jamroom run in Windows Servers?
  8. How to I get access to the Backstage VIP Support Forum?


How easy is it to upgrade Jamroom to support more Artist Profiles - do I have to install anything?

Upgrading Jamroom to support more Artist Profiles is VERY easy.  When you have purchased your Upgrade License, simply enter the new Jamroom License Code you received after your purchase into the "upgrade" section of the Jamroom Master Admin Menu:

The amount of Artist Profiles that your Jamroom can support depends on the Jamroom License you have purchased - either 25, 100 or Unlimited profiles are supported.

Note: If you upgrade to the Jamroom Unlimited Artist Profile License, then the "upgrade" option will NOT be visible in your Jamroom Admin Menu.


Can I run more than 1 copy of Jamroom on my server?

Yes - it’s easy to run multiple copies of Jamroom on the same server. The easiest method is if you have access to another MySQL database, you can simply place the new copy of Jamroom into a unique folder on your website, then when running the “install.php” script, make sure you specify the new MySQL database name.

If you only have access to a single MySQL database, just be sure you specify a different Database Table Prefix during the Jamroom install:

Note that the Jamroom license will allow you to run another copy of Jamroom only if it runs in the same domain - i.e. “jamroom1.yourdomain.com” and “jamroom2.yourdomain.com” If you want to use another, unique domain name, and you are not using the Jamroom Free Version, you need to license a copy of Jamroom for that domain.


Can I remove the "Powered by Jamroom" logos from my Jamroom?

If you are a Licensed Jamroom User, you are free to remove ALL references to Jamroom or Jamroom.net from any of the OUTPUT templates (i.e. Artist Themes, Ranking templates, chart templates, etc.).

Note that the HEADER section of the Jamroom Script files, i.e.:

# JAMROOM 3 - The Ultimate Media Content Management System
# Jamroom is copyright 2003 - 2007 by Talldude Networks, LLC.
# Brian Johnson (bigguy@jamroom.net)
# http://www.jamroom.net

must remain intact.  At no time can the copyright notice, or credits be removed from a Jamroom script file.

Make sure after modifying any of the theme template files, that you "rebuild" the artist pages in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. To rebuild the Artist Page for a single artist (for example a "test' account that you are using to test your new changes on) click on the "Rebuild Site" link from the Artist Menu.
  2. To rebuild the pages for all of your Artist Accounts, use the "Regenerate Artist Themes" tool located in the Jamroom Tools menu.


How many Users Accounts can Jamroom handle?

Jamroom is really only limited by the hardware platform you put Jamroom on, the number of Artist Profiles your Jamroom install is licensed for, as well as the amount of bandwidth available to it for streaming media files. There are Jamroom Sites that are hosting well over 15,000 artist accounts on a single server.

Jamroom makes extensive, although efficient use of a MySQL database, so as you grow larger one of the things to keep an eye on is your MySQL resource usage - you may end up needing to increase the number of available MySQL connections. If you get errors from Jamroom that it is unable to connect to the database, this could be the problem. See the MySQL Too Many Connections document for more information.

Also, if you are using the “Jamroom Lofi Creator”, a fast processor is recommended if you are running a large system (or an upgrade to a Jamroom Cluster Server), since the conversion time can take a while. The faster the processor, the shorter the amount of time for conversion, and the less likely it will be that your system will slow down at all. It typically takes about 30 seconds to create a LOFI Audio File from a 6 Megabyte HIFI Audio File on a Pentium 4 2.4Ghz machine.

  • Jamroom Cluster Server

If you are interested in running a very large (25,000+ artist accounts) Jamroom Service, make sure and check out the Jamroom Cluster Server. The Jamroom Cluster Server allows you to grow your Jamroom without worries about limits on your hardware, bandwidth, or artist accounts, as it will scale and grow with you as your Jamroom grows.  The Jamroom Cluster Server can be purchased online via the Jamroom Store.

Can Jamroom Limit the amount of bandwidth that is used by an account?

Yes - Jamroom can limit not only the amount of disk space or media slots an Artist can use, but can also place a hard or “soft” cap on the amount of Bandwidth an Artist Profile can use. This is controlled via a setting in the Jamroom Quota that has been assigned to the Artist account.

  • Click on the "Admin Menu"
  • Click on "Modify Quota" - select the Jamroom Quota you would like to modify the Bandwidth settings for.
  • In the "Quota Bandwidth" section, enter the Bandwidth settings you would like to use and click on "Modify Quota"

Does Jamroom run under XAMPP?

Yes - Jamroom works without issue running under XAMPP.  Many users find this is the easiest way to setup a "test" Jamroom installation on their local computer to test their modifications, customizations and changes on, before releasing those changes to their main Jamroom Site.

Does Jamroom run on Windows Servers?

Yes - as long as your Windows-based server meets the Jamroom Minimum Requirements, Jamroom will run on Windows Servers.

Note that some Jamroom features will not work on Windows:

  • The Jamroom LOFI Creator requires a UNIX/Linux based server in order to run the LAME binary under the Web Server.
  • The Jamroom Friendly URL option will not work on a Windows Server running Microsoft's IIS (Internet Information Server) - this feature requires the Apache Web Server for Windows
  • The Jamroom Upload Progress Meter may not work properly on Windows Servers due to its reliance on the PERL scripting language.

If you are looking for top quality Linux based hosting, look no further then Jamroom Guaranteed Hosting.

How to I get access to the Backstage VIP Support Forum?

If you are a licensed Jamroom user (any version of any license), then you can get access to the Members only "Backstage VIP" Support Forum.  This forum allows you to post information and questions without worrying that your post is going to be indexed by search engines such as Google.

To enable your Backstage VIP access, simply enter one of your Jamroom License codes into the "Unlock your Jamroom Licenses" form on the Jamroom Core Downloads Page:


And your access will automatically be enabled for you.  If you have already unlocked your licenses, simply enter one of them again and your access will be setup.  If you have any problems unlocking your codes or enabling the Backstage VIP access, feel free to contact us.

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