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Jamroom Support Options

If you are in need of Jamroom Support, there are many different options to help assist you:

  • Jamroom Documentation

Make sure and check out the Jamroom Documentation.  You will find many different guides, how-to's and FAQ entries.  If you are having any issues with your Jamroom, it is recommended to start here, as there is likely already a FAQ entry on your problem.  The Jamroom Documentation is fully searchable by keyword.
  • Jamroom User Support Forums (free)

The Jamroom Support Forum is the "hub" of all Jamroom activity.  This is by far your best bet to get help quickly if you are not able to find what you are looking for in the Jamroom Documentation, and is the primary method for Jamroom Support.  Make sure and do a Search before posting - with over 160,000 posts in the Jamroom Support Forums, it is likely there is already a discussion concerning your issue.
The Support Forum is the primary method for Jamroom Support.
  • Jamroom Support Center (paid, priority)

If you have purchased access to the Jamroom Support Center, please open a ticket in the Support Center (located in your "Support" drop down menu) and we will handle your request ASAP.  If you have purchased Support Center access and are having any issues with your account, please contact us.  If you would like to enable Support Center access for your account, and have not purchased a Jamroom Pro or Enterprise license, make sure and check out the add on Support options in the Jamroom Store.
  • Phone Support

Phone Support is not currently offered for Jamroom - the Jamroom Support team is small and geographically distributed - offering phone support would require a considerable increase in support costs.  The Jamroom Support Center is our priority based support method.

  • Questions about Jamroom Functionality

If you have a Question about Jamroom functionality please post a message to the "Jamroom Help" User Support Forum:
Posting to the Jamroom Help forum will get you the fastest response, and your questions can also be answered by a wide range of users with Jamroom experience.
  • Need your License Information resent to you

If you have lost your Jamroom License emails, you can have your licenses resent to you at any time by using the Jamroom License Retrieval form.  Make sure you use the same e-mail address that you Licensed your Jamroom and add-ons with.  If successful, all of your Jamroom licenses (including Add-Ons) will be resent to you.
  • Pre Sales Jamroom Questions

If you have a pre-sales question about Jamroom that cannot be answered in the Jamroom Support Forum, please send an e-mail to sales@jamroom.net.
Important: E-mail is not the support method for Jamroom, and you will receive a response to your support questions if you post to the Jamroom User Support forums.  Support E-mails sent to sales@jamroom.net that are not confidential in nature will be asked to be posted to the User Support Forums - Thank you for your cooperation!
  • Jamroom Tune-Up

    If your Jamroom is having problems, or you are not sure why things aren't working correctly, you may be interested in the Jamroom Tune-Up Service.  With a Jamroom Tune-Up we will log into your system and fix any configuration or script errors that could be causing the problems with your Jamroom.  Note that custom configurations and 3rd party scripts are not included in this service.

  • All Other Support Related Questions

All Other support related Questions should be directed to the Jamroom Support Forum.  Please post a message in the "Jamroom Help" forum.

Contact Talldude Networks, LLC

  • For all other contact, please send correspondence to:
Talldude Networks, LLC
P.O. Box 82832
Kenmore, WA 98028 USA


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