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This document applies to Jamroom 2 only!
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Linking your Artist Accounts to individual FTP accounts

One of the more powerful features of Jamroom, is the ability to “import” song and image files from the Artist’s “uploads” directory in Jamroom. For example, the Jamroom artist with the band_id of “10” could have a directory created in the jamroom/uploads directory:


and any song or image files that are placed WITHIN that directory, will then become available for “import” into Jamroom. This is a real big help to your Jamroom Users who are using dial up modems. They can then upload all of their data files in 1 shot, and then come back and “import” them into the Create Song screen (for example) and not have to wait through a song upload.

Of course, what you would then want to do is to “link” that Artist’s uploads directory with their HOME directory on your server. That way, when they upload thir files, all they have to do is upload them to their home directory on your server, and they will be available for import.

Note: this WILL NOT work on a Jamroom system that has PHP running in Safe Mode of with open_basedir in effect.

How you accomplish this, is with the UNIX “ln” or “link” command. This command allows you to create a “link” that points to a directory, and the operating system will see it as a real directory. So for example, lets say our users home directory was:


And he was the user account that was associated with band_id 25. We would then create a “link” in the jamroom/uploads directory that points to the users home directory. 1). First, you would change directory in to the jamroom/uploads directory on your server:

cd /var/www/html/jamroom/uploads

Then you would “link” band_id 25 to the /home/bigguy directory:

ln -s /home/bigguy 25

This would create a “symbolic” link as jamroom/uploads/25 that points to the /home/bigguy directory:

25 -> /home/bigguy

Next, make sure you have the “Show Imports” setting set to “yes” in your Jamroom Config, and then when the user “bigguy” FTP‘s song and image files to his home directory (/home/bigguy), they will then become available for “import” into the Artist Modify, Song Create/Modify, Item Create/Modify and Event Create/Modify forms.

1) Note: you may need to be the superuser “root” to do this step

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