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This document applies to Jamroom 2 only!
For current Jamroom 4 Documentation, visit the main Jamroom Documentation section.

If During installation Jamroom informs you that your server is running in “Safe Mode”, then there are some restrictions on Jamroom’s ability to interact with your server’s file system. Since Jamroom needs to be able to store a band or artist’s information on the file system of your server, the following restrictions are in effect when running PHP in Safe Mode:

  • ALL directories created within the “bands”, “songs” and “uploads” directory MUST be owned by the SAME user id that owns the jamroom scripts. The easiest way to accommodate this is the create your own numbered sub-directories in the bands and songs directories in Jamroom, i.e.:

Remember that EACH ARTIST must have its own sub directory, so if you plan on having 20 artists in Jamroom, make sure you create 20 subdirectories. By creating them yourself you can ensure that they have the same UNIX user id as your jamroom scripts. If you have SHELL access to your web server, please use the included setup.sh shell script to setup your environment for you BEFORE running the install.php script. just type ./setup.sh from the Jamroom directory to run the script.

  • Jamroom's "LOFI Creator" may not work in PHP Safe Mode.
  • Importing of media files is turned off by default, as it can cause more problems than it solves on a server running in Safe Mode.
  • Jamroom’s more advanced “linking” capabilities (linking band directories to other HTML directories, etc.) MAY NOT work correctly. Jamroom will not turn this feature off, but you may experience errors generating your HTML, etc.
  • It is best, if at all possible, to run Jamroom on a system that DOES NOT use PHP Safe Mode. However, some Internet web hosting companies like to run their PHP installation in Safe Mode as it provides for more security on shared servers. Jamroom will still function correctly on these servers, it will just require a little more manual setup and forethought when creating your artist accounts.

For more details on PHP‘s “Safe Mode” check out the web page: http://us4.php.net/features.safe-mode

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