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This document applies to Jamroom 2 only!
For current Jamroom 4 Documentation, visit the main Jamroom Documentation section.

If During installation Jamroom informs you that your server is running with PHP‘s “open_basedir” in effect, there is a (minor) limitation placed on where Jamroom can look for files at:

  • Any file located OUTSIDE of the the “open_basedir” directory WILL NOT BE SEEN by Jamroom. You cannot get around this using unix links, or anything else, as PHP will resolve all link locations and then check to see if the directory your link points to is inside or outside of the open_basedir directory.
  • This will limit the locations that you can create links to within your UPLOADS (jamroom/uploads) directory. You will only be able to link to other directories within the open_basedir.

For more details on PHP‘s open_basedir setting, check out the web page: http://www.php.net/open_basedir

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