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Type Document Title Updated Score
FAQ How do I change the Jamroom directory name, or move Jamroom to my WebRoot directory? 02/17/06 22:27 0
FAQ I'm unable to login to Jamroom - the login page just keeps refreshing! 02/17/06 22:28 0
FAQ What happens if I lower the disk space allowed in a Jamroom Quota? 02/17/06 22:29 0
FAQ How do I remove the Jamroom links from the bottom of the system e-mails? 02/17/06 22:40 0
FAQ How do I update Jamroom to work on a new Domain Name? 02/18/06 23:49 0
FAQ After upgrading the Bonus Pack or Power Pack, the correct version(s) are not showing the Dashboard 02/18/06 23:50 0
FAQ I'm receiving errors about the Jamroom Directory permission - what should they be? 02/18/06 23:55 0
FAQ After upgrading to the newest Jamroom from an older Jamroom version, my charts no longer work! 02/19/06 00:04 0
FAQ The User Name and/or Password has changed in my MySQL Database - how do I update Jamroom? 02/19/06 00:08 0
FAQ Jamroom is not working with my animated GIF files - how do I get them to work? 02/19/06 00:25 0
Guide Using the Jamroom Quota System 02/20/06 20:31 0
Guide Installing and Removing Jamroom Artist Themes 02/20/06 20:36 0
Guide Adding Pagination to an Artist Theme template 02/20/06 23:44 0
Guide Creating Custom Login Notes for your Users 02/21/06 01:59 0
Guide Using the Jamroom Image script for resizing images 02/21/06 02:02 0
Guide Creating a Custom Login page for your Jamroom Users 02/21/06 02:04 0
Guide Creating Artist Genres in your Jamroom 02/21/06 02:06 0
Guide Using "canned images" in the Gallery Browser 02/21/06 02:11 0
Guide Creating a Custom Signup Page using the Signup System 02/21/06 02:13 0
Guide Using the Jamroom "get_counts.php" script 02/21/06 19:42 0
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