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This document applies to Jamroom 2 only!
For current Jamroom 4 Documentation, visit the main Jamroom Documentation section.

If you would like to be able to group your Artists by “Genre”, here are the steps to take to enable Artist Genres in Jamroom.

  • Creating Artist Genres in Jamroom requires the use of the 1 of the following 2 “Artist” fields - it will in effect “take it over”, so you must first decide which if these fields you need the least: Artist Influences and Artist Sounds Like. I suggest using the Artist Sounds Like since it is a very close approximation to what a “genre” would be.
  • After deciding the field you want to replace with Artist Genre (I’ll use the “Sounds Like” field as an example for the rest of this guide), you then need to create a text file in the jamroom/config directory that will contain the list of Artist Genres that you want to allow your Artists to choose from. If you aare replacing the “Sounds Like” field, you’ll want to name the text file soundslike.txt. If you are replacing the Artist Influences field, call it influences.txt. Since in our example we are using the “Sounds Like” field, we would create a file like this:
  • Now, within that file you created in the previous step, you need to place the Artist Genres you would like your Artists to be able to choose from, ONE PER LINE. If you need to place any comments in the file, they must begin with a “#” sign, i.e.:
# Artist Genres File
# Comments must begin with a pound sign (#)
Hard Rock
Rythmn & Blues
...more genres as needed...
  • Next, you will want to modify the Jamroom Language file to change the words “Sounds Like” that appear in the Create/Modify Artist screens with the words “Artist Genre”. You can find all of the language files in the jamroom/language directory. We’ll edit the English file for this tutorial. Find the english.lang.php file within that directory, and edit it - look for this string around line 164:
 65 => 'Sounds Like',

and change it to:

 65 => 'Artist Genre',

(of course if you used the “Influences” field search for that text string instead, around line 163 as well).

Save the file and you are all set! Now you can use the “soundslike” field to search for the Artist Genre (i.e. in the Jamroom Search), as well as use it in the output of your Ranking and Chart scripts.

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