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  • Introduction - Who should develop a Jamroom Module?
  • Module File and Directory Structure
  • Required Module File: include.php
    Optional Module File: quota.php
    Optional Module File: schema.php
    Optional Module File: theme.php
    Optional Module File: image.php
    Optional Module File: get_counts.php
  • Creating new sections in the Jamroom Control Panel
  • Adding a menu item to an existing Jamroom Control Panel Menu
  • Creating the Module Form Controller
  • Creating a Module Control Panel in the Jamroom Config: config.php
    Creating a new Tool Option in the Jamroom Tools Menu: tools.php
  • Including additional Libraries in your Module
  • Using Language Strings to allow your module to support multiple languages
  • Creating custom Jamroom Ranking System modes for your module
  • Creating custom Jamroom template functions and modifiers
  • Adding support for Comments into your module
  • Using the Jamroom Upload Progress Meter
  • Advanced: Using Jamroom Mode Hooks
  • Reference: PHP Scripts and Security
  • Reference: Jamroom Function Guide
  • Download: Example jrYouTube Jamroom Module
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