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This document applies to Jamroom 3 only!
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The {jr_gravatar} template function is used to display a "Globally Recognized Avatar" for a user.  See the Gravatar website for information about Gravatar.



Name Type Required Default Description
email string yes n/a The "email" parameter should contain the Gravatar email address that is associated with the user's Gravatar account.
band_id number yes n/a The band_id parameter is required so Jamroom knows the band_id the image belongs to (it is also used to provide a "default" image in case the Gravatar image does not work or is not available).
user_id number no -1 The user_id parameter is required to associate the Gravatar image with a User
width number no n/a Width in pixels for the Gravatar image
alt string no n/a "alt" text for the Gravatar image
border number no 0 Width in pixels of the border around the Gravatar image
rating string no n/a Gravatar supports "ratings" of images that "rate" images based on their level of "explicit" content.  Available ratings are "G", "PG", "R" and "X".



Example embedding the {jr_gravatar} template function into a template:

{jr_gravatar email="support@jamroom.net" band_id="5" user_id="2" alt="Support Image" width="50" border="0" rating="PG"}


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