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This document applies to Jamroom 3 only!
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The {jr_graph} Template Function is used for creating the <IMG> tag for generating a Jamroom System Stats Graph.



Name Type Required Default Description
type string yes n/a The "type" parameter tells Jamroom the "type" of statistic you want to create a graph of.  Valid Values are:
♦ audio_plays - graph daily Audio Plays (streams + downloads)
♦ audio_streams - graph daily Audio Streams
♦ audio_downloads - graph daily Audio Downloads
♦ video_plays - graph daily Video Plays (streams + downloads)
♦ video_streams - graph daily Video Streams
♦ video_downloads - graph daily Video Downloads
♦ page_views - graph daily Page Views
width number no 300 The "width" parameter tells Jamroom how wide to make the graph image.
height number no 200 The "height" parameter tells Jamroom how tall to make the graph image.
title string no n/a The "title" parameter tells Jamroom to add a title to the graph.
range number no n/a The "range" parameter tells Jamroom how "far back" in days to graph.



showing the total number of Audio Streams for the last 20 days in a graph image:

{jr_graph type="audio_streams" range="20"}

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