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This document applies to Jamroom 3 only!
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The {jr_submit_digg} template function is used for creating a small "Submit to Digg"  (http://digg.com/) button on one of your Jamroom pages.


Name Type Required Default
url string no n/a If the URL you want to submit to reddit is different then the URL the button will appear on, you can enter it via the "url" parameter.
bgcolor hex color no n/a If the "bgcolor" parameter is supplied, it will be used as the border color for the Digg button - must be 6 digit Hex color code - i.e. #FFFFFF
skin string no compact There are 2 different type of buttons that can be displayed - "compact" and "default".



Example embedding the {jr_submit_digg} template function into a template:


 The {jr_submit_digg} function first became available in Jamroom 3.0.29

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