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This document applies to Jamroom 3 only!
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{jr_rating} is used for embedding a Jamroom Rating System call into a Jamroom template.


Name Type Required Default Description
mode string no "average" The "mode" parameter tells Jamroom what type of rating number you want to return - it can be either "average" or "rating".  "average" will give you the rating average, while "rating" will give you the number of times the item has been rated.
band_id number yes n/a The band_id parameter is required to get the proper ratnig or average for the artist/member.
type string no "band" The "type" parameter tells Jamroom what "type" of rating you want - the default is "band" for an artist rating.  Valid values are:  song, video, photo, event, item, radio, blog and band.
media_id integer no n/a If you want to return the rating for an individual item, you need to pass in the "id" of the item as the media_id.  This would include the song_id, video_id, event_id, etc.
assign string no n/a optional "assign" parameter - if given, the output of the function will be assigned to a template variable of the same name.



embedded {jr_rating} function call in a Profile Template:

{jr_rating mode="average" type="band" band_id=$BAND_ID}


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