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The {jr_random_number} template function is used to create a random number in a template.


Name Type Required Default Description
assign string yes n/a The "assign" parameter is required by the {jr_random_number} function - you should enter the name of the template variable to store the random number in.
min number no 0 The"min" parameter tells Jamroom the minimum number the result can be.
max number no 10 The "max" parameter tells Jamroom the maximum number the result can be.


Example embedding the {jr_random_number} template function into a template:

{jr_random_number min="2" max="5" assign="rand_number"}
{if $rand_number == "2"}
    ... number is 2! ...
{elseif $rand_number == '3'}
    ... number is 3! ...
{elseif $rand_number == '4'}
    ... number is 4! ...
    ... number is 5! ...


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