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This document applies to Jamroom 3 only!
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The {jr_forum_online} Template Function is used for showing "whos online" for a Profile Forum.

Note: The {jr_forum_online} Template Function requires the Jamroom Power Pack to function.


Name Type Required Default Description
band_id number yes n/a The "band_id" parameter tells Jamroom which profile to look at to see who's online.  Note that for the Jamroom Community (main) Forum, the band_id is 0.
online_time number no 900 The "online_time" parameter tells how long a user must go without activity on the Profile Forum before they are no longer considered to be online.  Value is in seconds, with 900 (15 minutes) the default.
separator string no ', ' (comma then space) The "separator" parameter tells Jamroom the characters you want to use to "separate" the list of users that are online.
cache_time number no 5 The "cache_time" parameter tells Jamroom how long to "cache" the results for.  On very active systems it might be good to set this a bit higher, but the default of 5 seconds should be good for most systems.



showing the users currently "online" in the Community forum:

{jr_forum_online band_id="0" separator=", "}

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