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This document applies to Jamroom 3 only!
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The {jr_counter} template function is used to embed a page counter into a template so the count will show up in the Artist "stats" section.  This function should be used outside of any Artist/Member theme templates, and is generally used when constructing custom ranking/search/chart output that is used on the artist/member profile page, but is not generated by the Jamroom Theme generator.


Name Type Required Default Description
type string no "page" The "type" parameter tells Jamroom the type of counter to create a count for.  The default is "page" which means that a count for a page will be created.
band_id integer yes n/a This is the band_id to record the hit for.
pagename string no The name of the template file the function is embedded within The "pagename" parameter tells Jamroom the "name" that the counts will be visibly associated with in the Artist's stats section.


Example using {jr_counter} recording a hit for a page called "Your Custom Page Name" for band_id 5:

{jr_counter band_id="5" pagename="Your Custom Page Name"}

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