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This document applies to Jamroom 3 only!
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Installing and Configuring the Jamroom Vault

With the release of the Jamroom Payment Pack 3.0.22, a new module was created - the Jamroom Vault.  The Jamroom Vault is a way to enable your users to sell digital items online - with instant access for your buyers.

Installing the Jamroom Vault is very straightforward - if you have installed the Jamroom Payment Pack, then the necessary files are already installed.

Configuring the Jamroom Vault

To get the most our using the Jamroom Vault, you'll want to spend some time to understand the different settings available to you in the Jamroom Payment Pack that effect how the Jamroom Vault works.

  • To begin configuring the Jamroom Vault, first click on the Jamroom Config link located in the Jamroom Master Admin menu.  Next, select the "Payment Settings" link located in the Jamroom Config Menu.
  • On the "Jamroom Payment Settings" page, you will see several items that affect the Jamroom Digital Vault - make sure they are set as you want them:
    • Vault Currency - what currency will be used throughout your Jamroom for Digital Sales from the Jamroom Vault?
    • Vault Minimum Purchase - what is the minimum purchase amount that a user's cart must total before allowing a checkout?
    • Vault Download Timeout - when a user purchases a Digital Item from the Jamroom Vault, the file is added to their "My Files" page - how long should the item be made available for download? (value is in days).
    • Vault Service Charge - if you would like to add a service charge to all cart orders, you can enter the amount here.
    • Vault Charge Minimum - What is the minimum vault amount that must be in the users cart to avoid paying the Vault Service Charge?
  • The next step is to make sure the Jamroom Quotas that you want to allow access to the Jamroom Vault are setup properly for access.  Click on the "Browse Quotas" link from the Jamroom Master Admin menu.
  • Select the Jamroom Quota that you want to give access to the Jamroom Vault functionality, and click on the "modify" button to the right of the Jamroom Quota.
  • Select the "Payments" tab in the Jamroom Quota, and you will see all of the available Jamroom Subscription and Jamroom Vault settings that are configurable on a per Jamroom Quota basis.
  • Scroll down to the lower portion of the page to the "Digital Sales Settings" section.  Within this section are all of the settings that you will want to configure for the Jamroom Quota.
  • Make sure the settings are setup as you want, then save the Jamroom Quota settings.

Recommended Vault Settings

The Jamroom Vault was designed to be as open and as configurable as possible, so understanding the settings and how they impact your artists is important in order to get the Jamroom Vault working the way you want it to work.  The Jamroom Vault was designed to handle the following scenarios:

  • Allowing Artists to sell any combination of Audio, Video and Photo files.  For example, an Artist can upload a very high fidelity "lossless" audio file and sell it from their artist page.
  • Allow a "general purpose" digital store where any type of digital file can be sold.  For example, you could create a special Jamroom Quota with ONLY Jamroom Vault access, and the user could sell Documents, Images, PDF's, ZIP files, etc - directly from their profile page.

If your primary goal is the first example - allow your artists to sell audio and video files from their profile page - then it is recommended that you set the Jamroom Quota Config to the following:

  • Show Digital Vault - "no"
  • Show Media in Vault - "no"
  • Show Audio Vault - "yes"
  • Show Video Vault - "yes"
  • Show Photo Vault - "no"
  • Show Event Vault - "no"

This will create small "vault" forms located at the bottom of the Create/Modify Song and Video pages that your users can upload and manage the "attached" Vault File through.  This also will prevent the general purpose "Vault" section from showing on the Artist Page, but still show a "Add To Cart" button in the Song/Video sections to allow the Attached Vault file to be purchased.

Extra: Configuring 2checkout to support Vault Payments

In order to use 2checkout with Jamroom, you will need to ensure your 2checkout account is "ready" to work with Jamroom.  You will need to:

  • Log in to 2checkout using their new Vendor Interface: https://www.2checkout.com/va/home/
  • Once logged in, click on the "Account" tab
  • Click on the "Notifications" tab
  • Update the "Global URL" setting with the proper URL to your Jamroom i.e.


You will need to replace "yoursite.com" with the proper domain and path to your Jamroom install.

  • Put a check in the "Enable All Notification" radio checkbox
  • Save your Settings

Now your 2checkout account has been configured to work with 2Checkout's INS (Instant Notification System), which Jamroom uses for the Vault.

At this time, you may also want to set your account into test mode so you can do some testing:

  • Click on the "Account" tab
  • Click on the "Site Management" tab
  • check the "Demo Setting" on checkbox in the Demo Setting section, and save your settings.

You will also now want to log in to your Jamroom and go to the Jamroom Config -> Payment Settings section, and ensure ALL of your 2checkout information is configured properly.


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