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This document applies to Jamroom 3 only!
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Upgrading Jamroom from Jamroom 2.x and older Index Jamroom - First Steps and Introduction

Upgrading Jamroom 3 from a previous version of Jamroom 3

Upgrading Jamroom 3 from a previous version is actually very easy.  Simply follow these steps and you'll be running the latest version of Jamroom 3 in no time!

  • Download the correct Changed Files Only pack for your current version

Using the Jamroom Upgrade Changes Generator tool, download the proper Change Files pack for your current version of Jamroom and add-ons.


Important!  - Make sure you update ALL of your Jamroom Scripts (Jamroom Core, Jamroom Bonus Pack, etc.) to the same version.  This means that if you have installed Jamroom Core 3.0.27, then you must also update to Jamroom Bonus Pack 3.0.27, Jamroom Power Pack 3.0.27, etc.  Older versions of the Jamroom Add-Ons may not work properly with new versions of the Jamroom Core.


  • Unzip Downloaded Jamroom archive to temp directory

After you have downloaded the latest Changed Files Package, unzip the downloaded archives to a temporary directory on your hard drive.  You will see that within your temporary directory there will be the actual PHP and script files that comprise the upgraded "Changed" files.
  • Upload Changed Files to server using FTP

Using a quality FTP client (such as FileZilla), first download and make a backup of your jamroom/skins, jamroom/templates and jamroom/themes directories.  Next, upload the Changed Files to your Jamroom server, overwriting the existing Jamroom files in the process.


Tip: you can skip uploading the jamroom/skins, jamroom/themes and jamroom/templates directories if you do not need any of the changes that might be made in the default skin, theme and template files.


  • Log in to your Jamroom as the Master Admin

Load up your Jamroom site in your web browser, and log in as the Master Admin account.
  • Run the Jamroom Database Validation at prompt

After logging in you should be prompted to Validate the Jamroom Database - press the button to validate the Jamroom 3 Database.

That's it - you are now running the latest version of Jamroom 3.

Upgrading Jamroom from Jamroom 2.x and older page 26 of 185 Jamroom - First Steps and Introduction
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